Fly With Yaya – Seni Amezaiku di Tokyo! (Malay/ENG/JP captions)

Remember the Wagashi sweets? Do you want to know more about Japanese sweets? Let’s Fly with Yaya! Hi everyone! I’m at the the Tokyo Amezaiku Yoshihara Sendagi! I’m here because I’d like to introduce you to the world of Amezaiku art! Look, they’re so pretty! They look like glass, don’t they? But these are actually amezaiku, a traditional japanese candy. They are made from a starch called Mizuame! Interestingly, amezaiku isn’t just about the candy. An Amezaikushi would also hold an amezaiku performance in front of an audience. Amezaiku became popular in the 1700s. An amezaiku sculptor would open a street stall and perform while selling the candies to the crowd. Once it cools, the mizuame will harden and can be eaten! The amezaiku sculptor will then put a little bit of colouring to decorate the candy. And you get a beautiful and sweet amezaiku! But nowadays, there are fewer people making amezaiku art. In Tokyo, Amezaiku Yoshihara is one of the few shops selling amezaiku daily. Now, I’m going to introduce you to Takahiro Yoshihara-sensei. Hello! My name is Takahiro Yoshihara, an Amezaikushi (Candy Sculptor) at Amezaiku Yoshihara. How did Yoshihara-sensei become interested in opening an Amezaiku shop? The fun thing about amezaiku is they’re not just pretty. But you can eat them! Yoshihara-sensei, I’d like to try one! Which one do you want? Wow, there’s a crane! I like to make origami of this bird. I’d like this one! Making Amezaiku Candy! First, the mizuame is put in a box. The mizuame is heated to 80 degrees. When it softens, take a bit of mizuame and attach it to the end of a stick. Careful, it’s hot! Then, shape it with your hands. We have to finish shaping it in just 3 minutes! Or the mizuame will cool down and harden! It’s becoming hard! Quick! Yay my amezaiku is ready! Look look! I made a flower-shaped amezaiku, like the pin on my scarf. Isn’t it cute? Hehehe! If you get the chance to visit Tokyo, don’t forget to drop by the Tokyo Amezaiku Yoshihara Sendagi! What is your favourite shape? You can try making amezaiku yourself, and share the pictures with me ok! See you in the next episode!

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