Equipment Influence | LM2 tutorial 1

Hi there. Today i will be explaining some key Hero stats,
in Lordmancer 2, and how they influence the battles, but first and for most, you need
to understand and get acquainted with the different types of units and their attacks,
So okay So moving down to Dendroids, in different
proportion each unit has two types of attacks – Magical attack and Physical attack. For each race, there is one unit which has
a balanced attack. For elves it is actually Dendroid. You can see that it has equal Physical and
Magical attacks. It could be convenient for you not to think
about Hero stats while using Dendroids, but actually, you need to be more effective if
you use a unit with one main type of attacks and proper hero equipment. Sprites has more magical attacks than physical
attacks, and are better for mage class Moving on to next Units, these are Arbalesters:
Arbalesters have more physical attacks than magical. The main rules are Heroes have two characteristics
Strength and intellect While Units have two different attacks – Physical
and Magical While Sprites are more preferable to heroes
with a lot of intellect Let’s talk about hero stats. Leadership, Strength, Stamina, Intellect,
Resistance First of all;
Leadership. Are how many units that you can hire, Each
unit requires a different amount of free leadership. Strength. Increasing the physical attack of units. Stamina. Compensates influence of enemy hero’s Strength. Intellect. Increases magical attack of units. Resistance. Compensates influence of enemy hero’s Intellect. Generally units don’t have any types of
defence; they only have health – hit points. Your hero can protect your troops (Stamina
and Resistance). So let’s take for instance when your unit
attacks an enemy unit, the damage will be increased or decreased according to your or
enemy hero stats. And don’t forget about defence. Ideally, you need to know the main attack
type of the enemy and use an opposite type of defence. If you don’t know who will be your opponent,
you can just use equipment for both defence types. According to the formula used in the game,
a defence is more effective than attack at 10%. It means that you need to have 11 points of
Strength to compensate 10 points of enemy’s Stamina. Okay let’s try out our hero without any equipment
and let’s see how the fight goes, Okay let’s leave the castle, and let’s go to the wildlands. Here we go okay, Hmm!! Now we found an enemy, and we are without
equipment, so we would fight and see how the battle goes, this is the battlefield
Mmm, I’m going to place it on auto to see how my Amy can fight, as you can see, we are
being attacked and we are losing, so why we actually lost the battle is because we were
not equipped, so we need to get equipped and go back and fight the enemy once again, and
see if we can actually win the battle once again; let’s go to the shop, and this time
we are going to get our equipment, So I’m in the shop right now, I’m trying to
see which will be more effective, more stronger for my army I think this is a good idea
I think this is really really good flag, and possibly these, this is absolutely cool; I
think this would work out just fine for me, awesome. I’m going to get all these, this is good,
this is good, this is good okay, all bought. Let’s take the shoes, I think all this equipment
I need it for one time battle, okay I need to take all this I need to acquits my hero,
as we are good to go for battle now, now let’s try out with our equipments once again, we
have left the castle And we’re going to the wildlands, let’s see how this plays out without
equipments. Auto…!!! There they it go Okay I see can see my Sprite
are actually doing well, they’re really strong and quiet effective, so I know that we’re
going to win this, because we have all the equipments to win this battle, as you can
see, we are quick and we are fast There you go…..we won. This is practically how we won the game, because
we use the right equipment and also the rights units. Whenever you’re playing this game you should
all try as much as possible, look for the right two units, and the right equipments,
to you know make your heroes stronger and more effective in battles. Thanks for watching this video, like, subscribe,
comment and ring the bell. See you in our next video Thanks Cheers!!!

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  1. Por favor, traduzem para o Português Brasileiro, eu AMO LORDMANCER, eu jogo ele desde o LORDMANCER 1, quando ele era Java, e eu tinha uns 9 anos, agora eu tenho 15. Futuro para o Jogo.

    Please translate to Brazilian Portuguese, I LOVE LORDMANCER, I play it since LORDMANCER 1, when it was Java, and I was about 9, now I'm 15. Future for the Game.

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