DIY Watermelon Phone Charger – Man vs. Pin – Pinterest Test #51

Well, well, well. We meet again. All right. Suggested over and over and over again by BeautyBy Bella week after [beep] week, the goddamned charge your phone with a watermelon pin. Pin-O-Meter, come on. Bullshit. Whoa, whoa, whoa, what? Really? If it’s on the Internet, it’s got to be true. So I picked myself up a large bowl, plopped in my watermelon followed by some ice and some cold water. Then I added a bunch of salt. Now I’m not sure why I added the salt, but I guess it makes the water colder just like it makes water boil faster. I don’t [beep] know. So I mixed it up, I stirred it around, and I let it sit there for a while letting the watermelon get really cold. And then I took out my phone. Now I’m using an iPhone 6 for this experiment. I have my charger here. You can see, the whole cord. I’m not trying to trick you or anything. I picked a good spot. I plugged it in and nothing. Absolutely nothing. Maybe it’s not cold enough or there’s not enough salt to produce the electricity needed? Now it did say that the watermelon needed to be ice cold, so I’m going to give it a few more minutes and then I’m going to add some more ice and some more salt. Same thing. I found a good spot, I plugged it in, and nothing. Nothing is happening whatsoever. Still not believing that the core temperature of this watermelon was the right temperature, I decided to leave it in the ice for another half hour. I added some more electric salt and some more alkaline-charged water. After finding the coldest spot on the watermelon, I plugged it in and what? What the [beep]? How the [beep] does that work? That’s [beep] crazy. Here’s the whole cord, no trickery. Wow. I am impressed. There you go. The [beep] watermelon phone charger. Be sure that you leave your suggestions in the comments below. I’ll see you around here next time. Come on. Really? Are you living on another [beep] planet where watermelons [beep] produce electricity? Oh, I forgot my charger at home. Let me just stop off at the supermarket and grab a [beep] watermelon. This doesn’t work nor does any other fruit really. I tried. An avocado, ripe and ready to charge was more like it. No. A kiwi? No. A red pepper? Cross your fingers everybody. No. A banana? An orange? A red onion? Corn on the cob? Oh come on now. Maybe a steak, some eggs? What about this cupcake? This [beep] cupcake has got to charge something. No. So you’re telling me none of these [beep] things work. Great. Now what?

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  1. Saltwater is actually a really good conductor of electricity, you can actually turn on a lightbulb through a circuit closed by a pickle (I've done this before and it's pretty damn cool.)

  2. Hi Guys, it's me again 🙂 Lucky you, I know right?! lmao.
    Okay, just watched Man Vs Pin #1 through to #50 (not to mention the several other various episodes that I watched before starting to watch from MvP #1) so this will be the last one for this morning and the last time (You're welcome lol) I will paste this before say…noon my time… Please Collab with Ben and Tyler and ooh! 3 challenges to make something that each of the ladies would like – all three judge each challenge without knowing who made what and decide which is the best one out of the three made for each of the three challenges. For bragging rights of course lol. And if you understand what I'm trying to say here…I'm impressed 🙂

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