DIY Quilled Paper Necklace | Easy Paper Quilling Jewelry Tutorial | Handmade Flower Jewelry

How to Make a Quilled Paper Necklace Things You Need… Quilling Strips, Quilling Needle, Twizzer, Craft Glue, Color Brush, Scissors Glue Gun, Craft Wire, Beads, Jump Rings, ‘S’ Hook, Pliers Take quilling strips and make tight coils as shown. Make multiple such tight coils. Give some depth to the coils by pressing them as shown. Now use a twizzer to give it a petal like shape as shown here. Take yellow quilling strips and make tight coils with it. Now give these coils some depth as shown Paste the petal shaped design to the yellow coils as shown to make a complete flower. Make multiple such flowers. Now paste these flowers to one another as shown using glue. Paste a golden pearl at the center of each flower. Take a quilling strip and cut it into two halves. Make tight coils of it. Take a craft wire and arrange the tight coils in it as shown. Now insert the pearls into the craft wire. Use pliers to strengthen the end of the craft wire. Make 2 such arrangements Take the jump ring and the hooks. Fix it in the chain as shown. Use glue to fix the flower pattern at the center of the chain to form a necklace as shown. Your beautiful quilling flower necklace is now ready! Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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