DIY Polymer Clay Gift Toppers | Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments | Polymer Clay Craft Ideas

*Christmas Music* Hello everyone and welcome to day 6 of
craftmas. Today believe it or not we’re going to be doing something that
actually works. So today’s episode we’re going to be making gift toppers from
polymer clay. Okay now all you gonna need for this is
some polymer clay, and polymer clay it’s basically a clay that hardens in the
oven so it’s a really easy clay to use, and it just looks like this, it kinda
reminds me of play doh or plasticine, and you’re just gonna take a little bit off,
and sculpt it to whatever it is that you want. But we’re making gift toppers,
but you can actually use this for making Christmas tree ornaments and stuff
like that as well, so yeah it’s pretty versatile as to what you want to
actually do with it. But we’ll make some gift toppers today, you just want to kind of
mold it, again it’s like a really soft consistency as well, it’s a
really easy material to use,you could probably do it with your kids and stuff,
the only problem is you will need to cook it in the oven, so if you are doing
it with kids, don’t obviously let them near the oven and it comes in lots of
different colours as well, so you can buy pre-colored, I’ve just got a natural kind
of colored here because I’m gonna paint it later anyway. And I just want to
make a candy cane here, and also with this stuff you can leave it out
unwrapped and it’ll never harden, it always stays quite soft, so it’s a good
thing about it. I’m not going to be dead great with this stuff because I don’t have time but, you want to get your shape like that, and
you want to get a hole out of the top, so you can put some string or some ribbon
through, and so I’m just going to use a pen. It just saves you kind of drilling
through it later on. So you want something that looks like that, and
then you’re gonna put it on an oven safe kind of dish or tray, or something like
that, and let’s just check how long… With this particular brand you want to
cook it at 130 degrees for about 15 minutes per six millimeters of thickness. So
you’d want to cook it for about 15 minutes, I would recommend cooking it a
lot longer though because I remember when I tried it was still quite soft, so I’d
recommend about half an hour but at a hundred and thirty degrees Celsius,
that is, but depending on whichever brand you get they’ll have the instructions
and stuff on the back, so it’s dead easy to follow and once you’ve got that in
the oven baked it, it’ll come out and they’ll be all hot, well you’ll have to
wait a bit because it’ll still be quite soft when it’s hot. But when it’s cooled
down, that’s when it becomes hard and it becomes more of a ceramic, and then it’ll
be ready to paint. So I’ve got some that I’ve already been cooked, baked, I’ve
painted them, I’ve even strung them with a ribbon, so we can see the finished
product straightaway, and you’ll have something that looks like this, obviously
that’s a candy cane on there, and I’ve got Christmas tree, I’ve got this bell, it
doesn’t look like a bell at all, I don’t know what I was thinking with that one,
but as you can hear they’re nice and hard, and I think they look really nice,
and I’m just painting them with some acrylic paint, look really fun, it’s super
easy to use, and you can personalize them in any way you want, you make whatever
you want, and so if you’re gifting someone who has very specific needs, or
they enjoy certain things, then obviously you can make that. But I’ve got my present
I wrapped yesterday with my absolutely lovely handmade wrapping paper which was
awful, but if you want to check that video out I’ll link it down below, it was
awful, it was the worst thing I’ve ever made in my life, it just looks shit, it
looks so bad, but if you do want to make your own wrapping paper then I’ll link
that above for you. And then since it’s got a candy
cane on the top, I’ll use a candy cane.. and there you go, a gift topper for your presents. And like I said you can create
ornaments and stuff with this it’s, it’s a really easy material to use, your kids
are probably going to have quite a lot of fun making it, because it is like play doh,
it’s like plasticine as long as you control obviously the oven part,
but yeah, and that’s it, dead simple. But hopefully you did enjoy this episode of
craftmas, I will link down below on where you can get this stuff, I just got
on Amazon but there’s a lot of different brands available, it’s just a poly clay,
I think it’s called, I don’t know it, doesn’t say what it is, but it says an oven bake clay, but I’m sure it’s kind of a polymer clay, so it’s a clay with kind of
resin bits in it that hardens and with heat, something like that, and some sort
of chemical reaction, but it comes in lots of different colours as well if you
can’t be arsed to paint it. But a really simple, dead easy idea. But if you did
enjoy this tutorial, that actually worked today then make sure to give it a thumbs
up, and subscribe to the channel. I’ve got another…. …sixth day. So I’ve got another nineteen days
of craftmas to come, so do make sure to subscribe so you can keep watching all
of the fantastic content that I’m creating, hopefully you are enjoying it,
and I’ll see you tomorrow. Byee!!

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