DIY MINIATURE HARRY POTTER CASTLE – Mini Hogwarts craft polymer clay & resin tutorial How to

hey guys this is jackie your nerdEcrafter
for this week’s tutorial, so many of you requested something Harry Potter themed
and so I have teamed up with four amazing people Mimi Manon, and Maelle. and so we’re
collaborating to bring you guys four harry potter theme tutorials so make
sure you check out their videos and their channels and subscribe if you’re
there. i absolutely love how each one of us brought our personalities and our
styles into this collab. and so from my part you guys will learn how to make
your very own miniature Hogwarts castle now obviously this is not to-scale and
there are lots of buildings missing, but of course that depends on how much
detail you want to put into it. i absolutely love the hill and the aged
look on the castle. you can, of course, add a tiny boat, and
other buildings. for those of you new to my channel don’t forget subscribe. There are
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all the dweebs are doing it here’s what you’ll need for this project.
tan, ecru, blue, green polymer clay all these are from sculpey. liquid sculpey.
rounded tools, and a cutter. foil paper. and a toothbrush for texting. your
resin kit. and colorant. as well as some chalk pastels. the first thing we’re
going to do are the towers. take your ecru clay and roll a chubby snake. cut off
the ends. flatten a piece of clay and wrap a slice around the bottom and the
top. make some crevices on the top one. to make the cone roof, roll a ball of
blue clay, and only roll one part so that it narrows only that part. cut off the
rounded end and place it on your Tower. of course use liquid sculpey to make
it stick more firmly. make as many towers in the sizes that you need. I made eight of them. add windows by
poking them with your pointy tool and of course do that to all of them. and add
texture to the roof if you want. for the rectangular buildings, shape a piece of
clay by pushing it on all sides on your work surface then slice it with your
cutter to get a straighter shape. roll a piece of clay and put it around the
tower. make the triangle roof by loosely making a triangle shape with your blue
clay and slicing it to fit the top. now add details by making tiny cone towers
and putting them on the rectangular tower as well. don’t forget to make holes
for the windows and doors. make sure you do that on all visible sides. make as
many of these towers as you need. I made three of them. now shade your
towers and roofs with some chalk pastels to give it more of an aged look. if you
don’t have chalk pastels, that’s okay you can use brown paint, and i will show you
how after. now bake all of your towers for 15 minutes at 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
make sure that your oven is always preheated. once it’s baked let’s make the
base. crumple a piece of aluminum foil, and covere it with a thin sheet of tan clay.
add more clay where needed to build the base. of course you will keep shaping it
so that it looks as close as possible to the actual hill. the size will depend on
how big or small you make your towers. use foil paper to texture your piece. you’re going to use also a toothbrush to get into those little crevices. your are going
to also shade it with dark brown chalk pastels once. it’s shaded place your
towers lightly and fill the space in between by making shorter buildings. cut
rectangular shapes, and triangular roofs in the same way we did earlier except
flatter. use liquid sculpey to make the pieces stick more firmly. i worked from a reference sheet, so make
sure that you put the details that you want. get as creative as you like with
this architecture. for the surrounding area at a small
bridge and the remaining towers. then some more tan clay to close up any gaps
that are still visible. I realized that I needed more clay on
the side for the path so i added it. texture and shade it. once that’s done add
some greenery. watch my legend of zelda environment for more greenery
information. we’re almost there flatten a piece of clay place your
castle hill. cut around it, and make a border. blend the edges to avoid any
spilling, and seal it with liquid sculpey. for extra protection watch my stingray
tank for more details. now bake it for 30 minutes at 275 degrees
Fahrenheit. once baked if you want an aged look use brown paint to get into
the little crevices and wipe off the excess with a damp paper towel. this will give your piece a whole new
level of depth. the final step is to mix your resin
according to package instructions, add some colorant, and then pour it. let it
fully hardened overnight. if you’re new to resin, make sure you watch my resin
crafting tips video. all videos mentioned will be in description box below. ALL Doooone!
if you have suggestions for future geeky tutorials, leave them in the comments
section below, and don’t forget to add me on all my social media, if you want to
stay in touch. until then i will see you guys next week

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  1. I love harry potter and you ahve really done it justice with this tutorial i love it so much! I think i am in either Hufflepuff or Gryfindor depends where you look lol

  2. NOOO IM GRYFFINDOOR! At least I’m with all the cool wizards like Harry Potter himself and Ron and Hermione. Btw, SLYTHERINS SUCKKKKKKK

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