DIY Handmade Gift Idea : How to Make an Easy & Beautiful Paper Basket | Easy Paper Crafts

How to Make a Beautiful Paper Basket This easy paper Basket can be used a a gift on Valentines Day. Things You Need… Color Paper, Glossy Paper, Cutter, Craft Glue, Scissors, Pencil, Scale Handmade paper, Satin Ribbon, Decorative Pearls, Silver Glitter Paste the color paper on the glossy paper as shown Mark the dimensions on the paper as shown Now cut along the markings as shown. Now fold along the markings to get the shape of the basket as shown Now make some markings on the handmade paper as shown. Cut it. Stick a decorative lace on this strip. This will be the handle of the box. Paste the edges to the inner side of the basket as shown. Decorate the handle and the basket using pearls. To make a small paper flower, make a small circle on a red sheet and cut it out. Mark the spiral lines on the circle as shown. Cut along these spiral lines in the manner shown. Now twist and fold the spiral shape to get a flower shaped object. Apply glue on it to make it firm. Paste these flowers on the bag as shown. Stick a pearl at the center of the flower to beautify it. Now decorate the bag with pearls. Use silver glitter to decorate the edges of the basket as shown. Your beautiful paper basket is now ready. You can keep some stuffs and write a personalized message. Hope you enjoyed watching the video. Happy Crafting!

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  1. It is an awesum DIY handmade Gift idea that I am going to give to my little niece, filled with chocolates, on her bday next week!! 🙂

  2. Very nice paper basket .And the video was also carried on in a very good way I can't wait to make my own such basket

  3. I suceeceded in making thanks a lot my friends were totally amazing now we will not spend high money on buying gifts we can make an inevxpensive cute and a loving gifts for our friends and family

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