100 Replies to “DIY Farmhouse Dining Table w/ Epoxy Inlays Using Reclaimed Barnwood”

  1. Excellent video, get your pigments from www.pppigments.com to create your own beautiful metallic colours!

  2. Why didn’t you surface the sides and the bottom of the tabletop boards on your jointer before the tabletop glueup? Wouldn’t this have helped dramatically with your glueup?

  3. A mountain of work all because of the timber that was selected . it’s almost like the project was, make as much work as possible

  4. I envy creative craftsmen like this. I've been thinking about trying something like this for a while but I find it very intimidating for some reason, especially after seeing this! Great job and awesome to hear you live in Oklahoma.

  5. That is AN absolutely gorgeous table… I wish I had the skill to make such creations.. simply masterful. Thank you for sharing!

  6. ~~~ Great video, lots of food for thought, I think I would put the epoxy in squirt bottles. Save up all your empty condiment bottles so you can probably throw them away when you’re done. I’ve been a house painter for years and I’ll tell you don’t use them damn foam brushes. Get the chip brushes it’s so much easier. Lots of love and pride went into your work great job.

  7. "DIY" video where you use thousands of dollars worth of equipment to make a table that doesn't even fit together correctly, then say you were worked on another table "in the background" yet never show the finished product. hmmmmmmm. not gonna lie, you suck a wood working. shame this has 8 million views.

  8. Well done, sir. And I appreciate the honest sidebars about length of time for certain processes and unforeseen complications/mistakes

  9. I messed up the joints and gaps on this table, but no worries, it just so happens that I was building a second table all along! And I fixed the mistakes on that one. Erm…sadly, I can't show you the resolved mistakes, but I did spend the whole time recording the table that did not workout….for some reason.
    Lol, Yeah, sure Bob. Nice work either way.

  10. Awesome work mate, i can see you enjoy what you do and it is rare this days. I started wood working in garage, il see where that will bring me.

  11. That flawed table would convert into a nice carpenters bench. You know the kind with the peg holes and the wooden vice on the end. Go ahead and bang that out dude.

  12. Thank you for sharing this video and it's really helpful that you show your mistakes so others can learn. Love the video and the table came out great!

  13. could be just me, but i dont see any beauty of this project using blue epoxy basically as filler. the water based finish on top, further takes away from recycled timber.
    additionally, nobody goes above 400 grit before applying any finish.
    i think you would have ended up with a much nicer result by using black resinous filler and finish with some oil or mixed oil/varnish, to make the character of the wood stand out. water poly is not quite fully clear/transparent, so has this "look" about it that is not quite right.
    the colored epoxies look ok on live-edge projects that dont sacrifice expensive reclaimed wood.
    it's your call of course. that's my opinion.

  14. Table was ugly, just my honest opinion. He should watch how Japanese make their tables because you have to be a lot more artistic than that

  15. You are so talented and did a beautiful job. I’ve never seen anything like this before and I’m quite impressed

  16. Agreed. This one stretches beyond the definition of DIY. All those fancy tools and the legs aren't parallel. You can see it in final pic. I don't like that method of leg attachment for that reason. Crank the bolts down too much or twist the block and the legs are splayed. Epoxy fill is nice though. Wouldn't run that crap lumber through those tools unless you like buying and changing blades. Getting all the nails out can sometimes be impossible. Worked for a commercial mill shop and the toll on the planer and jointer knives was really costly.

  17. Loving all the complaints that "it's not DiY cuzz I can't do this project with a clapped out hand drill and mah teeth"

    What do you want? Jonny demonstrated how to utilize outside resources (using the lumber yard's specialized industrial machines) and how to use fairly basic wood working power tools (router sled, table saw, jointer)
    It doesn't take a genius to realize that even "pros" sometimes need to borrow or rent a specialty tool to complete a job.

  18. Question, and apologies if this duplicates others' inquiries. What type/size of router bit did you use in that sled to remove the high spots?

  19. Loved that you point the struggles and mistakes. It really makes the video more relatable. We’ve all been there…all be it with smaller scale projects. Keep em comin’

  20. “DIY” If you are a 20 year experienced woodworking carpenter and acquired professional industrial grade along the way. Beautiful table though, wish I saw the finished product in more detail..

  21. Nice video,I subscribed because you showed your mistakes,guys that make these videos like they never fuck up are not fooling anyone.Thanks for your time,keep up the great work.

  22. Nice finish dude. Carpenter / joiner of 20 years and love seeing people utilising old timber on projects especially when they look as good as that table. You cant recreate that patina or smell. Great job man.

  23. 🤣🤣 Did you get into your little sisters wardrobe before doing this project?! 🤣🤣 Those shorts though 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅

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