DIY Black Ketchup, Corinne VS Cooking #11

Well, hello there, all you little whippersnappers. Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne VS Cooking. Speaking of whippersnappers, anyone here from my Snapchat? Wassap? How you doing? …*AHEM* Well it’s official! The black food trend has invaded YouTube. If Shane Dawson starts doing somethin’ you know sh*t is gettin’ real So before anyone else has the opportunity to do it… I’m going to turn my favorite food black. What’s my favorite food you may be asking? Ketchup. That’s right! When I was a baby in my baby book listed as my favorite food was ketchup… This may seem sad to you but… ketchup’s delicious! Also I’ve actually never made my own ketchup but I’ve had it before and it’s amazing! Once you go homemade ketchup you don’t go back. Let’s get started shall we? Alrighty! I found the recipe I’m using today by Googling “ketchup recipe” And actually comes from one of my favorite websites.. “” #not spons It’s pretty easy if you have a slow cooker. Don’t have one of those? You’re sh*t outta luck! Just kidding there’s probably some other recipes out there that do not call for a slow cooker… But if you’re looking for one I know Rob is available on most weekends… OKEH So the ingredients are pretty simple, just a couple cans of tomatoes. Some water.. Some vinegar, I’m using apple cider vinegar because.. I’m granola.. as f*ck… Then you just gotta add your spices and of course we have too add our secret ingredient… I guess it’s not SO secret because I’ve used it a bunch of times now… ACTIVATED CHARCOAL! Now I know some people would just use food dye but I happen to hate food dye So I like to test natural alternatives before I go the food dye route And let it hang out in the slow cooker for about 12 hours.. I did this at night time right before I went to bed and just let it cook all night long It did smell like ketchup was cooking all night.. which led to some interesting dreams… *Acid trip engage* The next morning was like waking up on ketchup Christmas Look at this sh*t! Looks and smells amazing! Now all you gotta do is take out your little hand blender… thingy and give it a good blending *screams*! Yeah, if you know how to use it the right way! Jeez Why don’t you try to be a little bit more careful and not squirt hot gooey liquid all over the f*cking place *laughs* Anyway, once I was done blasting my goth as f*ck ketchup I just ladled it, ladle by ladle, into a strainer to remove any undesirable parts like the seeds and skin. You also kind of use the back of the ladle to push the liquidy parts through the strainer. And, yeah, you should have a bowl of f*cking ketchup. And if you don’t you better ketchup. I’m actually kind of worried this is a little too liquidy. Hmm, maybe after it’s in the fridge for a while it’ll harden up a little more Yeah, I think that’s what’s gonna happen, um, so I just put all of my ketchup into an airtight container and let it sit on the counter for a while and then I put it in the fridge to fully chill Hey ketchup, why don’t you chill out yo? Yeah, you need to chill bro, take a chill pill After it was fully chilled I put it into a squeeze bottle, because that’s what you’re supposed to do with ketchup and popped some fries into the oven No, no, you can’t have any of my fries, you said you didn’t want any fries, you do this everytime. Get your own damn fries dammit Now for a little bit of naughtiness, yeah. That’s right, squirt it on there. Wait a minute. This turned into a German scheisse porn real quick, cause this kinda looks like poop fries. Still better than that green ketchup bullsh*t, am I right? Let’s see how they taste, shall we? Mmmm. French fries! Why do we call them “french fries?” Aren’t they from like, Belgium or something? Mmm! This black ketchup is delicious! F*cking love this sh*t! Mmmm! Let’s see what Rob thinks. Rob: What the f*ck is this? Corinne: Fries and black ketchup! Rob: Black f*cking ketchup? Corinne: Yeah, I know how much you like your black foods. Rob: Ha! Rob: Oh, that’s f*cking disturbing right there. Rob: I like it. Rob: That’s f*cking good! That’s f*cking real good! That’s like the- Rob: Wait, wait.. That’s the best f*cking ketchup I’ve ever had. Rob: I’m f*cking serious Rob: It looks like shit. Rob: But good! Corinne: Alright, I need these for a shot.
Rob: Noo! Corinne:Yep, yep.
Rob: No no no no no nooo! Corinne: (sighs)
Rob: Nooo. Well, I think that just about does it for this week. As always, we want to know what kind of projects you want to see us try, over here on the good ole ThreadBanger. So, leave your suggestions in a comment down below. Also, we’re having a real good time over on YouTube’s new ‘community’ tab. Might wanna go check it out! Rob:”What the f*ck is a community tab?”, you may be asking yourself. Rob: Well, it is the place where very simply, it’s in the goddamn title. Rob: We come together as a community! Rob: We talk about sh*t. We share stories. We tell each other our deepest, darkest secrets. Corinne: Wait, wait, wait, I didn’t sign up for that. Also, we have a new, fancy link to our DFTBA store, right here, where we are selling limited edition, official ThreadBanger merchandise. We’re selling f*cking t-shirts, people! And, if you don’t completely hate us, make sure to hit that ‘subscribe’ button. Like up this video, and I’ll see you later. (scissor noises)

100 Replies to “DIY Black Ketchup, Corinne VS Cooking #11”

  1. The fries were called “Les frites” (which is French) by the Belgians and so the American soldiers took to calling them “French fries”. This theory is incorrect, for a couple of reasons. First, as mentioned, in the 1800s, Thomas Jefferson referred to fried potato strips as “frying potatoes in the French manner”.

  2. In the early 1800’s or late 1700’s. There was a famine in France and potatos were all that were left but people thought they were poisonous and if you ate one you would become a witch. So a chef went to the current King and Queen and asked if he could make a meal for them and the whole meal was made solely with potatoes. One of those items were long floppy things that were with salt therefore introducing FRENCH fries to the world. You’re welcome and yes I am still in school I am just a huge nerd.

  3. Did anybody realize that Corinne had to actually pour ketchup all over her face and glasses for the dream sequence?

  4. Right my family thinks is weird that i love ketchup I mean I eat it with macaroni please do not tell me I am the only one that does this 😐

  5. Surprisingly my mother owns a crook pot and I believe she’s never used that shit….I’m definitely gonna make home made ketchup! Thanks Corrine for the inspiring video.

  6. First thing i thought of was the green ketchup ha ha, man that thing was rank. Would so love to have homemade ketchup though.

  7. I know your next experiment:grilled cheese tacos! Just saw a video for it and that shit is right up your alley. I May be a little annoying and comment on other videos because i really want you to try it(not Rob😂)

  8. I'm from Belgium and à lot of people just eat fries with Chocolat sauce so maybe try it one time

  9. My mom works at a MAJOR ketchup manufacturing plant, it produces about 60% of the worlds ketchup. When she first started working there, she would sort through the freshly cooked tomatoes before they were puréed. She would tell me that sometimes they would have cooked snakes or even cooked rates amongst the tomatoes. Guess that’s what gives it the extra flavor.

  10. I got all excited that you were going to make my favorite condiment, not to mention something from my grandparents' home country (Indonesia)… nope. Just ketchup that is black. <Sad Trombone Sound> Actual black ketchup, aka KECAP MANIS, is the most wonderful sauce to throw on NEARLY EVERYTHING. Some people also call it sweet soy sauce. NO tomatoes in sight, just sweet black yumminess. (It's helpful for those of us who cannot eat tomatoes without gastric distress, sadly that's me…) Anyway, if you've never had it, go get some Indo food, or go to an Asian market, FIND YOU SOME. Don't OD though, it's not the most health conscious thing in the world. <wink>

  11. I’m from Australia and we don’t say ketchup we say tomato sauce so at first before I researched it I didn’t know what you were talking about 😂

  12. I love ketchup so much that I literally took two pieces of bread put ketchup in between them and I ate it as a ketchup sandwich and I have zero regrets of doing it. By the way I put a lot of ketchup in there and I mean a lot.

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