Dengan Basikal Aku Menjelajah S4E6 – Cycling Towards Solukhumbu Nepal

every single thing that cross my mind everything that I ever experienced everything that I have ever done all of them remain in my memory turning into a priceless experience and these experiences become my teacher experiences that define each of us making all of us unique individuals I went back to live on the road this time I travelled through the Himalayas watching the world’s highest peaks and the life under their shadows cherishing everything that come to my life always learning from my teacher which is life experience itself with bicycle I travelled 19 June 2016 I crossed into Nepal from Sikkim through Kharkavitta I cycled through the heavy rain and some parts on the lower land here were flooding due to the non stop rain all day long the mountain roads were having massive landslides right after I crossed the Nepali border the roads look more organised and clean compared to the last town in India which is Siliguri but Kharkavitta is still very crowded just like any other towns in India and they kept honking while driving from Kharkavitta in the border of Nepal and India I took a bus to go straight to Kathmandu the capital of Nepal the bus journey from Kharkavitta to Kathmandu which is supposed to be around 12 hours has been delayed to about 24 hours due to a road accident where a tourist bus fell inside a river from a cliff after about 24 hours being inside the bus I finally reach the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu just like any other cities in India the roads in Kathmandu are packed with vehicles and the streets are filled with pedestrians which were very crowded Kathmandu is the biggest city in Nepal and the Himalayan region which has the population of 6 million people this city is sitting on an altitude of 1400m the condition here is similar to other cities in India and the buildings here have a lot of influence from the architecture of Hindu temples every corners here are filled with foreign tourists especially European tourists because this city is one of the main destination for tourists and travellers who want to explore the Himalayan mountains especially the world’s highest mountain which is Mt. Everest one of the tourist spot in Kathmandu is the Durbar Square which is listed in UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites a few buildings here were destroyed during the major earthquake which happened on April 2015 since then the Nepali government was trying hard to rebuild and repair the destroyed buildings these buildings have interesting carvings which were built on the 3rd century which symbolised the Hinduism belief here some of the buildings which are temples and palace have been renovated a few times from its original form from my observation Hinduism influence is stronger than Buddhism here in Kathmandu the sculptures here are mostly symbolised the gods from Hinduism belief Durbar Square also used to host important ceremonies by ancient Nepali emperors until the 19th century some area here are open for the Hindus and Buddhists only and foreign tourists aren’t allowed here the rain never stops for many days while I was in Kathmandu the rainy season started since I was cycling in Sikkim since a month ago the locals here told me that it isn’t a good time now for me to travel to the Himalayas because the rainy season usually starts as early as May until early October I had to wait more than 3 months before the rain stops in the Himalayas I finally decided to fly to Europe for a few months to rest my physical body and to get a peace of mind while waiting for the rainy season to leave this part of the world and come back on early October to continue my journey 3 October 2016 after 3 months spending time in Europe I finally came back to Kathmandu back to the Himalayas even though 3 months have passed the rainy season hasn’t completely gone here but I started to see the blue sky and the sunshine that managed to get through the layers of thick clouds here October is the month where foreign tourists started to come here because the weather started to become good in the Himalayas foreign tourists especially the Europeans started to flood this city but there are many who wanted to go to Everest Basecamp by flight have to wait for a few days in Kathmandu because many flights were delayed since the weather still wasn’t so good and the clouds were still very thick in the mountains around Mt Everest after 5 days staying in Kathmandu waiting for the rain season to end completely I started my cycling journey I started in the morning cycled from the hotel I was staying I started cycling through narrow pathways which were crowded with motorcycles trishaws and pedestrians I then continued on main roads in Thamel in the middle of Kathmandu I couldn’t imagine if I’m a local here who have to go through this kind of traffic everyday to go to work the traffic was really bad making it difficult for me to cycle all the way while I was cycling through Kathmandu it took me about 2 hours to cycle out of this city while waiting in Kathmandu for the rain season to stop completely I used the time to arrange all the necessary permits for me to enter the area of Everest Basecamp in Solukhumbu region with the help of my local friend here who is a sherpa which is the indigenous people of Everest after 2 hours cycling through Kathmandu I then managed to get out to the road which goes to the east of the country and my destination is the Everest Basecamp which sits at 5365m altitude I cycled through a few small towns since I left Kathmandu which are still highly populated only after a few hours I cycled on the first day I started not being able to stand the road condition here the road was so dusty the traffic was bad making it difficult to ride almost every vehicles here keep honking especially when they overtook me after hours of listening to the loud honks throughout my cycling journey my ears hurt and I couldn’t stand the condition here not long after I cycled away from Kathmandu I started to climb the roads were calm and I started to go through villages while I was cycling I started to see the mountains of Himalayas which still looks very far I went through hilly areas and after the climb I started descending before I faced another climb I cycled through a green area which shows that I was still in lower altitude I cycled only around 65km on the first day the condition here wasn’t appropriate for me to camp so I searched for a cheap hotel for the night my ear was so painful and makes it difficult for me to sleep at night due to listening to the loud honking sound for many hours in a day especially when lorries and buses were honking while they were right besides me on the next day I cycled easily for the first 40km I cycled on a flat road where mostly passing by farming area and small villages the locals are very friendly here throughout my journey I’ve met 3 locals who speak Malay fluently they have lived and worked in Malaysia and some with over 10 years after over 40km of cycling the road here started to go through hilly areas and I started to move slower because I had to climb high hills here after my third climb I decided to take a rest in a small town called Khurkot the challenge towards the Everest was very difficult on the third day the nearer I was to Solukhumbu region the road condition was getting worst many big vehicles like buses and trucks were stucked because the roads are too narrow and always blocked by landslides or going through rivers I was getting too tired and was getting slower due to the bad road condition and I kept climbing hilly roads as I was approaching Solukhumbu region the extreme heat also made me feel tired easily I cycled for 10 hours today because I couldn’t cycle at normal speed sometimes I just pushed my bicycle because the muscles on my legs were sore in times like this i tried to motivate myself to keep moving forward because only my mental power can push me forward I started to take many breaks every time I was in the shade to protect myself from the heat from the strong sunshine the Himalayas… again tried to test me by giving me a lot of obstacles and challenges before allowing me to see and enjoy it’s beauty during this condition I kept finding ways to strengthen my motivation and my inner voice was always whispering persuading myself not to give up and always reminding myself that the exhaustion of my physical body is only temporary and I will received a fair reward once I reach my destination soon my inner voice also were always whispering that these challenges are actually a gift given to me because these challenges will turn me stronger especially mentally I see these challenges as a preparation for myself to face bigger challenges in my life in the future I was only going through a journey a long journey of a man in a realm of space and time

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  1. Kali ini tk brp menarik perhatian I… Sorry 😯. Nothing interesting here…the surroundings, the people…maybe you pun rasa mcm x sabar nk keluar drp kesesakan pekan tu kan? But once you're at the highlands……everything is different. Except the road conditions. 😐
    Anyhow, I've learnt lots of thing from your video. TQ

  2. Saya dan 5 rakan dr Malaysia pernah berkayuh di sekeliling lembah di kathmandu selama 7 hari pd thn 2014 sblm gempa bumi 2015. Pengalaman kayuh di situ satu kenangan yg x dpt dilupakan..

  3. Kamera dekat basikal tu pakai gyro ke? Macamana cara mounting dia? Action camera tu setting dia macamana (utk hilangkan distortion effect fiah eye)? Brand apa. Terima kasih.

  4. setiap mingu sya akan tungu abg ZAHARIZ update..terima kasih bang zahariz membuat inspirasi buat sya..smoga Allah mudahkan urusan abg riz

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