Dakbokkeumtang (Korean Spicy Chicken Stew)

Hi guys, I’m Seonkyoung Longest.
Welcome to “Asian at Home”! Today, I’m going to show you how to make
Dakbokkeumtang. It’s Korean spicy chicken stew. It’s so comforting. You’ve got to try
if you love chicken and if you love spicy food. This is a must try in Korean cuisine.
Let’s get start it. First, you need to prepare your chicken. You
will need about 4 pounds of whole chicken and cut up into pieces. You can definitely
cut like this, how I did but you can ask to your butcher to cut it for you or buy just
drumsticks or thighs or wings that already cut up sections, because that’s totally fine
as well if it has skin and bone in. You just want to make sure the chicken has bone in
and skin on for that impact flavor later. Now what we are going to do is drop this chicken
into boiling water and going to blench them. Reason why we are doing it- to get rid of
all the extra blood in the chicken and a little dirty stuff from the bones. Don’t worry about
losing flavors by blench the chicken because it actually going to make dakbokkeumtang more
clean taste. Blench them until the water starts boiling
again. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Remove from heat and drain the chicken and rinse
under the cold water. Lightly rinse the pot as well because we are going to cook Dakbokkeumtang
into the same pot. Place all of the clean chicken back to the
rinsed pot, and now we are going to add all the vegetables. First yukon gold potato. I’m
going to peel it and cut it into big chunk, like either cutting half or cutting quarter
depending on the size. You will need 1 pound of yukon gold potatoes. And add into the pot. Next carrot. You willneed about half pound of carrot. Cut carrot
into big chunks so they will cook as same amount time as the chicken and the potatoes.
Add into the pot. Next Onion. I really love love a lot of onion in my dakbokkeumtang,
because the natural sweetness from the onion and all the juice, oh, my God it is to die
for! It’s SO good! Cut onion into big chunks as well. This is
about 1 and half pound of onion. Putting into the pot. 8 cloves of garlic, finely chop. And add into the pot as well. Alright, now let’s make the sauce! We are
going to pour (the sauce) into the pot anyways but if you mix it in a mixing bowl like this
first, it will incorporates better. So first, you will need Korean red pepper paste, we
call Gochujang. You can buy this really easily now days even at the regular grocery stores
at Asian food section or order it from online. So 3 tablespoons of gochujang. 2 tablespoons
of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of rice wine, 1 tablespoon of gochugaru, Korean red pepper
flakes. You can skip this if you don’t like too spicy but it’s must for my taste because
I love spicy spicy. 1 tablespoon of sesame oil, 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds, 1 tablespoon
of sugar or honey 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper and mix everything together. Pour the sauce to the pot. Alright, let’s mix everything together. Now cover the pot and we are going to bring this to a boil over medium high heat. And
no worries it looks dry right now because all the juice actually coming from the vegetables
and the chicken. So whenever they all come together… Ummmahhh! Ridiculously deliciousness
we are talking right now. When it starts gently boiling, reduce heat to medium and simmer
for 40 minutes. Stir frequently first half of cooking process. because you don’t want
anything to burn on the bottom of the pot. You will see all the onions, potatoes and
carrots start breaking down. And no worries because that is actually going to thickens
up the soup or stew naturally. My dakbokkeumtang is almost done, it’s probably a couple more
minutes to boil. So I’m going to cut up some green onions into 2 inches long to putting
into the pot. I’m going to place on my serving plate. Last touch, as always, sesame seeds right on top. Tadaa~! Dakbokkeumtang!
Ummm I cannot wait to taste it! So normally we serve with a bowl of warm rice and kimchi. It really doesn’t need anything
else. (Jacob) Ummm!
(SK) Are you having an orgasm or something over there?
(Jacob) It’s like perfect comfort food. (SK) Um! ….Um! (SK) Oh my God. (Jacob) Is it weird that the carrot is probably
my favorite part? (SK) Is it weird that the onion is my favorite
part? (Jacob) The chicken is juicy, and the sauce.
That sauce is just like….. (SK) What I like to do is getting the sauce
on to the rice. (Jacob) This is so good. (Jacob) Especially I had to smelling this whole time it’s cooking, my stomach is growling.
Um! (Jacob) This, I don’t even know how to explain. (Jacob) I mean, because this has everything that like, an American stew has in it. But
then with the little bit of sweet and spicy is perfect… ahh!! If you liked my Dakbokkeumtang, Korean spicy chicken stew recipe, give me a thumbs up!
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