Customisation In Mountain Biking | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 207

– On today’s show, we are
talking about customization and I’m going to show you how to customize your bits and bobs. – Yeah, it’s all about
personalization and tweaking. – All coming up on the Dirt Shed Show. – On the Dirt Shed Show. (upbeat music) (gears churning) – Yes, welcome to this
weeks Dirt Shed Show with Chain Reactions Cycles of course and new added Steve Jones. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Look at him. – EMBN, GMBN, we all love the same thing– Mine’s all about riding bikes. – Mixing up man. – It’s just about riding bikes. – Amazing, Amazing. How are you? – I’m good, I’m really good. – It’s good to have you on the show. – And you know what, I’m really looking forward
to this customization chat because I think Martyn Ashton is a bit of a dark horse when it
comes to customization. – [Martyn] Well I do like a custom helmet. I have had a few over the years. I’ve been lucky enough
to have some sponsors. that meant they put all
their logos over my helmet but that means you have
to have special spray job, which I absolutely love. Now this isn’t unique,
in downhill especially, this is like every rider
has a special helmet, especially if they got a sponsor
like Red Bull or Monster. They’ve got a good excuse
and importantly Steve, a budget to spend on getting
their helmet painted up like some of these beauties. I mean Troyleedesigns do them. Fatcreations, that’s another
one doing them doing it in the U.K. and the ones
who I’ve always work with and most riders working with now and I don’t know if you’ve
ever heard of them Steve, called Image Design Custom. Now there’s a guy there called Tom Fuller. He does all of the Red
Bull rider’s helmets, all of the Monster rider’s and anyone else in there who wants to get their lid looking
amazing each year. You must have seen hundreds of these, you’ve got any favorites? – Well you know what, I’m just going to switch topic a minute– – Go on. – Maybe ten, fifteen years ago, we all wanted to customize our bikes because we had a frame
which was one color, the fork was mismatched bit, and the rims a different color, but I think it’s not just about the Pro’s, I think in recent years, we got bike for shnuck, really quiet beautiful in
terms of color coordination of the forks and the rims and the grips and seat and all that. But to answer your question about customization of the Pro’s, then I think the World Championships is always a classic moment in time. A classic time of the year where all the colors of
all the nations comes out. Yeah, everyone’s got different kit and yeah, a really special time of year. – [Martyn] Yeah, yeah,
and they’ve always gone to a lot of trouble to just
look that little bit different and I thought it was quite interesting, why do we customize any of our stuff because there’s so many ways in mountain biking to customize. So this is my new POC helmet, alright, but it was just plain black. I’m going to show you how I
did this in a minute, right. So you can do this to your helmet. – Hold up, hold up, Hold up. You did that?
– I just wanted to make– Yeah man, I’m going to
show you how I did it and it was easy. It was easy. I just got a pen out and I started drawing on it. Right, now, it starts to look
like something a bit unique. Doesn’t it, when you start working on it? And this is something we all can do. – It’s all very well when you say, I just started drawing on it. – Yeah, yeah.
– I mean that’s not– Is that actually just
started drawing on it? I don’t think so.
– Honest to God Man. I’m going to show you-
– I’m fair to admire. – I’m going to show you guys
how to do this in a minute because I love it when you just put a little bit of yourself in your bike. But you can do it in some may ways, like you saying putting
colored grips on your bike that match with your peddles
and things like that. What are you looking at steve?
– Is that like– what is that? – Okay so–
– Is that like a castrol? Is that an owl? – Its a bird of prey of some kind, but its actually Jesus’
flaming head doing a back flip on a giant eagle over a cityscape. – What time of night did
you draw that (laughing)? – Man you got to build a story. I’ll come to that, I’ll come to that. But customization is an
important part of racing. It’s an important part of your riding and you can do it in a
lot of different ways and I’ll tell you what, let’s get to it. Let me show you a few ways to customize your bike and parts. So this helmet is what
I’m going to be using in my next video and I’ve done
all of the artwork on this. Now I promise you right, I’m no, I’m no artist, right? I just got a pen as you can see. I started off with a black
helmet in my living room. I scribbled off on it with pencil. Worked out where there was
good spaces for something and kind of created a bit of story to what I wanted to put on the helmet. I used a black, a white and a silver paint pen plus the pencil and that was all really, and I just started being brave with it and just scribbling on top and I came up with this story. A story really helps if
you’re creating a bit of art because it helps you keep the attitude of what you want to come out. My story was Jesus flaming head back flipping his giant hawk-eagle over a dark night cityscape which is basically what is
happening on this helmet. Okay, there’s the hawk-eagle and his claws and in his claws he’s holding a banner with a Frederick nature quote on it and then Jesus flaming hair is there. Look, he’s in his back
flip over the cityscape, which is just there. Okay, that’s what’s going on. It made it really easy for me to sort of work out how
I wanted it expression and the scream on the eagle
as Jesus pulls his wings back. And I had a lot of fun with
it. It was really easy to do cause I could keep correcting it with that black background color. So now I’m just gonna get it lacquered. I’ve got a friend who is
going to do that for me, so it will be waterproof and basically I’m going to
wear that in my next video so you’ll be seeing it out on the trail. We’ve all collected
stickers over the years when we’ve been to events or when we’ve had
products come in to post. They quite often come with little stickers like the one’s I’m working with on these Park Tour’s stickers. So I’m going to apply
them to these knee pads to prove that you can
stick a bomb anywhere. Just taking a little off
the top of the sticker because the black of this outline of the word “Park Tour” is gonna mix much better with the plastic of the knee pad itself. Now we’re down to this little point here, where we got no blue at the top. Now, a really clever little tip, take a sharpie and take the edge like this. Starting to look pretty cool. As you can see, the blacks
melted into the pad, got the blue coming
across which I quite like. I’m going to tidy up the edge there and I’ve noticed these little– rivets that holds the pads
on are quite interesting so I’m going to cut those out and I quite like this green stitching that’s on the side of the pop pad. I’m going to bring that green into it to kind of make it look like
its’ suppose to be there. There we go, sticker bomb knee pads. So I’ve just got pencil, sharpened pencil and I’ve just gone around and I’ve worked out a little
bit of landscape design. The story in my picture
is it’s a stormy day. It will be go a it like this. (calm techno music) This kind of landscape design. Something like this on the frame of a bike would look absolutely awesome. I think that’s it (laughing). A windy day in Kansas customized GMBM cup. Look at that GMBN mountain
just there, incredible. It just goes to show just
with a pen, you can do so much just to make your piece
of kit, really yours. And I think that’s a
really cool thing to do. Now something to remember is that we can’t guarantee
that your warranty is safe if you start drawing over things, especially things like helmets. So really think about that. Do you really want to draw on that helmet? If you’re worried about warranty and you really do need to think about the warranty if
you’re drawing in helmets and on frames and things like that. What about drawing on some invisiframe and you can stick that on the bike? Almost making custom
stickers for your bike. That’s a really great idea. So maybe think about that. Let us know how much fun you have with customizing your bits and pieces. I would love to see some drawings or some sticker bomb designs
on some of your things and send them in to GMBN
so we can take a look. – Ah alright, okay I get it. I might just get myself down to a WHSmith and get myself some pencils–
– Yes, yes! – But listen, it’s not just
about customization mine, let’s have a look at the news. – Yes, let’s get cracking with the news and take a look at this beach racing, taking place in the Netherlands in Renesse to be exact. On the Zeeland Beach this year, is twice as along as other years and extra heavy for the participants because it was pretty windy on course. During the renewed KOGA MTB Beachrace, it was Jordy Buskermolen who took off the win. The race over 73
kilometers of Zeeland Beach was extra heavy like I said. After many attacks from Bram
Rood and Jasper Ockeloen it was eventually a
group of four in-riders who went to battle for the victory but it was Buskermolen who
took the win in the end. In the women’s race, it was Rozanne Slik who took the win. She managed to keep Nathalie
Van Gogh and Nina Kesla behind. In other news, great to
see Anne Carochausson out on the mountain bike
after three months of recovery from surgery for tumor on her thorax. Her treatment for that is on-going and she’s about to go into
another part of that treatment so we’re wishing her all the
best with that from GMBN. We hope it goes really really well but it’s great to see
you back out on a bike as I’m sure everyone will agree. Now what about this? UCI has included snowman bike
downhill in their rule book. There hasn’t been many snow
mountain biker event so far but the UCI endorsing this means that you can get category
three qualification points from these races if you apply for one, which means you can go
and race snow downhill and get points towards
Downhill World Cups. So we will be seeing
snow mountain bike racing appearing all over the world. I hope so, could be really really great. Now Ken Block Custom Bikes, look at this, a Glow in the Dark Stumpjumper. This bike was done by
Death Spray Customize to Ken Block’s work before and it certainty looks very cool and fits in very nicely with
out customed theme, very nice. Now Fabio Wibmer has been
racing on snow again. Look at this, he went down
one of the snow cross courses on his jaw-suspension downhill bike but followed by an FPV drone camera so you got these incredible angles mixed with the angles on his GoPro
on his helmet and on his bike made for a very exciting run down the hill and as usual, Fabio absolutely smashing it when it comes to some
stunts out on the snow. He’s making it a bit of a thing of his. And lastly, we got some
competition winners to announce. There is ten winners of
this bike care package from WD-40 that includes everything in their bike care range, and the ten lucky winners
are on screen now. There you go, if your name’s on screen, then you are a winner. Expect to hear from us
and you will be receiving a WD-40 bike care package very soon. Congratulations! (gears churning) (upbeat folk music) – Hacks and Bodges! – [Both] Hacks and
Bodges, Hacks and Bodges, Hacks and Bodges, Hacks and
Bodges, Hacks and Bodges. – Well done, fair flighting man. Hacks and Bodges where we’re
giving away one hundred pounds in a moment Steve and
you’re going to decide. You are the judge of three lucky contestants.
– Can they all win? – No, no I’m sorry. It doesn’t work that way–
– Three, three, three. – And this is a hundred pounds. – Well look, I’m out
of my comfort zone here on the GEMBN Show.
– Right, first one. Okay this is from Chris. Okay, and he has made his own insert for his tire like CushCore, pretty cool, out of just some foam–
– [Steve] That’s pretty good. – [Martyn] Just got a knife
out and started cutting it. – [Steve] I mean that’s definitely on the customization theme- – That’s pretty clever isn’t it. – That’s very clever.
– I quite like that a lot. – How about I hold my
thoughts on this one. – Hold your thoughts on that one. That one is Chris and he’s in the running for a hundred pounds.
Just want to put it– – I like the color, I like the color. Chain reaction Cycle is
giving away a hundred pounds. Alright, don’t want to belittle that. – I mean fair dude, he’s got
a awesome chain reaction color as well doesn’t he? – He’s done well, he’s
done well, he’s done well. – The boy thought about it.
– Right, right, next up. This is from Mohammad. Look at this (laughing) . – There’s a many of my own heart. – In Bangladesh. Okay let me tell you about this. It says, so when I was
working on the compound, I realized that I needed a wheel barrel for progressing my work and hadn’t enough money
to buy a new wheel barrel. So I decided to make it the old way. Found some old forks and then
I put this frame together. – And there’s me thinking this character nicks
Jack’s fork off his bike. – No, what I can’t
understand with this right, Mohammad has done an amazing job right? But for the area of welding he’s done to make a wheel barrel, he could have made a bloody bike. – He could have done, but why would he build a bike cause he’s building dirt jumps. – Well it looks like he’s
building dirt jumps– – He is, of course he’s building dirt, he’s building dirt jumps. Why else would he want a basket on– – I hope so. I hope that’s why. So what you think? Its doing well against Chris. – I reckon he should have dirt tire on the front row rater than a semi-slick. – It’s good though isn’t? – It is good. – But, look at this right? This is going to be this weeks winner. This is going to be hard to beat. – Well you’ve already put a bias on it. – Well I mean this is really good. It’s from JP, look at this, look at this Steve. JP, right? Has connected-this is amazing. He’s made his own swift machine, right? – [Steve] Sorry what’s swift? – [Martyn] It’s this
thing that roadies do. – [Steve] Is that what that
boy was doing next door? – [Martyn] Yeah, I don’t really know. I don’t really know. – [Steve] Is it like a
training contraption? – [Martyn] You peddle your bike and you’re in a game
against everyone right? – [Steve] Right.
– [Martyn] But JP was caught in them incredible winter
times in America recently. Minus fifty, stuck in his
house with nothing to do, so he connected his
bike and his controller of his PlayStation up to his bike and he can now ride his bike as the bike in Grand Theft Auto. So this is him riding.
– [Steve] Yeah. – [Martyn] But no Steve, Steve. Look, Look. He’s riding it. He’s controlling it with
this little controller there. – [Steve] Yeah, yeah. – This is incredible–
– Yeah. – It’s like homemade swift. Look at it. This is essentially and E-bike. – Look at that basket – That’s a wheel barrel! – It’s a basket. Look a the art, the art
involved in that Martyn. It’s not just the art of the construction, it’s the art of the dig
and the jumps as well. Sorry? – JP’s, I mean knowing the kids out there. This is Grand Theft Auto, you know, you’re in the game. – Clearly Martyn Ashton wants
to give the hundred pounds to this man.
– I think this is amazing. – Okay, look, look, look, I– – It’s your choice.
– I’m new to the chmapionship I don’t want to stomp on anyone’s feet. So I think I’ll put– I put the vote No I’m going to put the vote out to Jack. – JP or Mohammad? You choose. A wheel barrel–
– [Jack] Mohammad. – What?
– Yes! – What! My God! It’s a wheel barrel! – [Steve] But look at the
beauty in that Martyn! A hundred pounds to Mohammad. – [Martyn] Honestly. Man if you got a hack or bodge, send them in to our uploaders. The link is in the script down below. You could win a hundred pounds next week and hopefully it won’t be skewed weirdly by this little dick. – Can I just say, you’ve got
to appreciate the grafting that people put work into trail building. He’s committed. He’s giving something to
his community there, right? Which I don’t think your
man over there is doing. So I think Mohammad, you’ve got yourself one
hundred pounds definitely (gears churning) – Okay, caption contest. Here’s last week’s photo. Look at that bike Steve! Oh my God, that’s amazing! Unbelievable! – [Steve] Some people got a
lot of time on their hands. – [Martyn] Yeah but it’s
handcrafted man, out of wood. It’s pretty crazy. Right, we’ve got some brilliant
captions for this though. (laughing) Brilliant captions. And the best one is gonna
a GMBN water bottle. Just like that one. – You know how to treat people don’t you on the GMBN Show. Right, Steven Rees says, “wooden bike, wooden wheels,
wooden saddle, wooden bars. Wouldn’t work!” (both laughing) That’s good don’t it. – I like that.
– That’s a good one. – I like that. Tim Garland says, “Yew never wood think a pear of fat tires were a thing to pine fir. If knot, you maple them off.” (Matryn laughing) – Right. – You maple them off. – Okay, right. – Okay next one. That one Tim-
did you not like that one? – Would you though? – That was a good one,
that was a good one. – Simple as that isn’t it. – Derbyc1972 says, “when your bike gives you massive wood.” – [Jack] Whoa. (both laughing) – Like– – Think I might have to confer here. – What about this one? Migatron–Miagtron. “Wooden yew like to see the
Evergreen Blake Samson Lumbering (laughing) through the
woods on that bike?” – They’re all good. – Wait I got another one! I’ve got one more, I’ve got one more. Albert Castillo- “archeologists finds Fred
Flintsonte’s Fat Bike!” (Martyn laughing) You’ve
got to pick a winner. Steve, you look absolutely
nonplast about these captions. I think they’re brilliant. – I’m still trying to get over the bike. – [Martyn] Is it the first one? – Can I call Jack again? – Jack.
– Jack. Sack-in-one. – Jack is going with Tim Garlands, “Yew never wood think a pear of fat tires were a thing to pine fir. If knot, you maple them off.” May pull them off, brilliant. (both laughing) Tim you’re a winner of this week’s caption contest. Here’s a GMBN water
bottle on its way to you. Enjoy that. If you would like to
win a GMBN water bottle just like this one- well done Steve. Here’s this week’s photo. We’re going to us Mohammad’s wheel barrel. There we go. – [Steve] His wheel barrel’s gone. – [Martyn] I don’t know. – [Steve] Here it is, the wheel barrel. – There it is, that’s
this week caption photo. Give us a caption for
Mohammad’s wheel barrel and we could give you the chance of winning a GMBN water bottle. Good luck. Right, time to take a look at
what you guys have been saying on the channel this week in the comment sections below them and we’re going to start
with this stump video. Steve have you seen it? – [Steve] I did! I did see the it. – [Martyn] Blake Samson at his best. – [Steve] I’m looking
forward to the sequel, Root – [Martyn] The Root!
– [Steve] Yeah. – Yeah I like it. I like it. You can have
some fun on some roots. – It’s definitely a woody
theme to this week’s show, as well as the customization. – We started with the customization. We’ve moving into the nature of riding. I love this video. – We’ve been in tree surgery next. – Yeah, I did love this video and this was basically tree surgery. It was Blake trying to find what he could do with this stump. Look at these skills he’s got. He really put himself to a test there and he took some crashes. Look big crashes.
– [Steve] He did, yeah, yeah. I love all the different
angles he has on it. – Ah great. Some comments from Ben Milstein, he says, “I’ve done the exact same
cable-tie-brake-mount-fix. Worked great and lasted a few rides until I bought a new brake clamp!” So you see Blake knocked
brake lever clean off in this video.
– [Steve] Right. – [Martyn] Then zip-tied it back on, look. – [Steve] Yeah. – [Martyn] And carried on riding. – Does he need brakes
on a stunt like that. – Well he was going to
tire tap a few times. He was using the back brake. So yeah, less than- more
than he normally would because he doesn’t normally use it a lot. But it just goes to show, zip ties, just zip-tie your brake on. – Yep. – Why not? DH Obsessions says about the video, “that was a sick session, this format is awesome especially with the gnarly spirit of Blake, more session edits during the week with Neil and Blake would be awesome.” Session edits are great. You just pick one bit
and just play with it and have a bit of fun. Have you ever done that
out trails or anything and just pick one rock
and just gone mad with it? – Ah Martyn, that made me feel all– – Brilliant isn’t it? – Feel all good talking about it. We could go on all day
about stuff like that. – Yeah and just pick
one rock and go right. – You know what? – I used to do that on my Rally Burnout. I used to have a curb. How many ways can you go up a curb? Right?
– Yeah, Yeah. – Frontwards, backwards, sideways, I mean just use that, just need something. – The great thing about curb stones, is because it comes in little sections, it creates a gap at either one. I use to go up and down the gaps trying to keep it really smooth.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Duh da da duh da da. Love it. Okay, post. Love getting post and
we’ve got some this week. Oh I’m gonna come to that second. Steve, get your hands, get your hands. – It says happy Valentine’s Day. – No it doesn’t. Does it? – It does, yeah! – To Martyn Ashton, Neil Donoghue, and Blake Samson of the Dirt Shed Show. We’ve got- – Oh look is that one
of your old top sign? – Wait! Wait Steve. God you’re impatient. Right, it’s like having a kid. – Ah, trials don’t pay bills. Trials don’t pay bills. – Trails! – Oh Damn!
– Trails don’t pay bills. Nice little stickers these. Got a little letter with it. Here we go. Bloody hell its
all right in there with it. – It’s all about
customization theme, isn’t it? – Yes, look at these.
– Look at that there. – So this says, “hi guys. Just wanted to say hi and well done for making this channel an amazing success each Friday before Cycle Club,
we’re ramped and wheelers. I sit down with my two
daughters Named Nioma, age ten and Nyla age nine and watch the Dirt Shed Show- Yes, love that! We’ve been doing this for some time now and we find it, it gets us in the mood for an evening of cycle practice. That’s what it’s for! That is what its for! – Motivation. – And he’s- let me see what is says. I’m part of a group of MTB riders that call themselves TDPB- Trials-Trails-
– Trials don’t pay bills. – Change it to trials. Trails don’t pay bills and
we have a YouTube channel where we document all of our rides. So you can get TDPB on
Youtube and see their videos. Right, we got these
little postcards sent it. I love this. Jeff Wall Had sent these in. – Jeff Wall.
– Superstar photographer. – Jeff Wall an ex-World
Cup downhill photographer. – Yes, he runs and he loves documenting
these classic race tops from over the years. That one of mine over there-
– Now there’s a quiz for ya. There’s a quiz for ya.
– Wait a second. – Name all those. – I can’t, I can’t at the moment. So we got these-look at that! That’s cool. You can order these in posters
and postcards and T-shirts. Right, time for the bike vault. Here we go. A bike sent here from Jonathan. – Fair dude. You could appreciate the Lads skill at taking a picture at night. – Is that difficult? – Well it is. I mean he’s got the exposure right. That’s a building in Lancaster, right? – Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s right. – I think it’s a very good photograph. – Super nice. – I think super nice, yeah, yeah. – Super nice! Well done, Jonathan. Nice one, good start. Right, Mathew Cube Stereo 160.
– No, no, no. I recognize that x-large size, twenty-two or twenty-four
inch cube, right? It’s a big, old bike isn’t it? – It big. Very very big. – The key thing here for me,
the key thing here for me, is you’ve got the handle
bar and the seat end of the horizon which is
really quite crucial. – Is it? – Yes it is.
– Is it? – Because you don’t have
the horizon intersecting through the frame-
– I like that. – So I think it’s the technical
little detail, very good. – What are you giving it? – No you can. – Honestly it’s nice.
– It’s nice. – It’s nice, it’s nice. It’s a very big bike. It’s nice Whoo-hoo! Ah ha ha. This is Ben’s 2018 Cannondale Fat CAAD with a lefty on it. I love it. I absolutely love it. There’s an igloo next to it. – Exactly! – I mean, there’s nothing wrong. This is in Champlin,
Minnesota, USA, Elm Creek. – I find it difficult
to comment on Fat Bikes because fortunately I don’t
live in a snowy environment- – And you’re wondering
where Mint Sauce is. It always looks like
Mint Sauce’s bike to me. – Can you expand what Mint Sauce was. – Mint Sauce is like
a little sheep cartoon that used to be in a famous
British Mountain magazine. – Does that magazine still go? – It is, yeah! MBUK amazing, go buy it. (both laughing) – Did you just sat that? – Yeah why not? – Dirt is not going anymore. – Ouch! – We can’t be talking about this, can we? – Ouch Jack, wow. One up. – Come on (laughing). – Is your collum still
running cause mine is. – Is it? – No. – Can we focus on the bike please? – Yes so back to Ben’s Fat Bike. I love it but you maybe hate it? – I like the lefty fork on there. Fair dude, fair dude. – It’s nice.
– Its quite a unique bike. – It’s nice cause we’re
in two minds about it. It’s nice. Woo look at this. PJ’s META HT CroMo Suntore
Oron 160 mil with Nvs. – I’ve never been into a portrait-style shot bike myself. I like a landscape-style or hardtails. Definitely do the hardtails Jack. Definityl do the hardtails Jack. Hardtails are great. – I think it’s a great bike.
I think it’s a great bike. It’s Mount Seymour, North Vancouver and I think it’s in a good place. It’s a good bike. – Mount Seymour- – Super nice! Super nice. Just overrode Steve Jones. Right this is-
– The Cobra! – Shane’s Trance, giant trance. – Shane’s Trance at the ranch. – Cape Town, South Africa. We’re giving it Steve- – Nice.
– Nice. It’s a nice bike. Like it. – I’m loving this. I’m loving this. – Amazing. This if definitely- That’s the first ever,
ever short I’ve ever seen in the bike vault inside
someone’s front room. – Is it? Is it really?
– Yeah. I’ve never seen anything like that. – We’ve had a few. – That to me is absolute gold. I mean obviously- is that a towel there? What’s that? Is he just going to Shower? – I think that’s-
– That can’t be a cushion. Surely.
– Why are you looking at that? – Oh it’s a bike there too! The new Wide Tee. – It looks really cool. It’s almost customized look
like a little face in front or they all have that? – And the grips. Look I told you, look at the grips. The details in there. – It’s very nice, it’s very nice. – What’s this Tshirt, he’s really- I would like to know what he’s
got in that cup on the table. – He’s like, it has a
little story with it. Meet Lorie Jupiter patently waiting for her human to recover
from an achilles injury. Ah no, he’s name his bike and everything. It’s like waiting in the room. – I think there’s only one way that photograph going Martyn. – Hey the bike goes on
ages when Steve Jones is in the Dirt Shed Show.
– So should I shut up? – No I like it. I like it but you know. Anyways, next up we’ve got- Oh we didn’t grade the last bike. – [Both] Super Nice. – Next up from the front room to a bike in the swamp, Mashhour. It’s got spark. Steve, it’s nice. – It’s nice. Rapidly moving on to the same shot. – [Both] No. – No, On-One. – Andrew’s On-One Inbred is alright. – Look, how can you say that when we’re on a customization show? – It’s a On-One. – It’s a customization show! – It’s nice. – That’s ridiculous. That is the problem with mountain biking. What is the problem with it On-One bike? Right? That bike could be hundred
fifty good quip for the frame and it performs as good as maybe some two-thousand
pound carbon frames which people have got
no clue how to build. And that for me is a super nice! – Every day of the week! – But it will never be pretty. – I’m out of here, I’m going. – Oh that’s an interesting shot here. – What? Just cause it- I mean how
many times have we seen that kind of shot? Typical mountain bike mentality. I mean everyone does that. Everyone does that. Honestly the On-One- what’s
the matter with you jack? – You’re like a spitting
image character or something. You’re not even real. (laughing) That’s nice. That’s a nice bike. I like that, I like that. Next up. Wow, if ever there was a bike that shouldn’t have come
up next, its Steve’s mood. That was it! – It’s really, it’s nice-
– What you think? I mean it’s Aaron’s Surly Pugsley. He’s in Ohio and this is what
Steve Jones thinks about it. – I feel like a massive sledge
hammer and just wanna go- smash it to pieces. – Steve, it’s that bike
that made you angry? Aaron’s Pugsley? What you think Steve? Is it super nice? – I love it. It’s a custom bike. Look at the handle bars and everything. Look in term, customization is theme. What’s happen to the bell Martyn? – [Martyn] Caring on with the show, it’s time to give out some prizes cause it’s competition time. Okay we’ve got some winners of the NukeProof giveaway. We’ve got this amazing winter clothing. I’ve got some winners to announce. This is some great stuff, this winter clothing bundle. Noah Dagese, Cody Allen and Lucas Lennon, names on the screen. You are winners, well done! That stuff is on its way to you! Right, we’ve got a new giveaway. – Yep.
– Got a new giveaway. We’ve got two FSA Dropper
Posts to give away. – Remember, remember it’s
in the 125 mil drop version. We’ve got thirty point nine and thirty-one point six versions. Don’t forget to check out you get the right size of your frame before you go and submit yours in that. – So the link in the
description down below. Right, just want to take this opportunity to do a bit of a shout
out for the GMBN Shop because we’ve got some
amazing swag on offer. You can go on there and
pick up the metallic stuff. Go on. – I really like the metallic T-shirt. – [Martyn] Do love the metallic don’t you? Well that limited stuff
is in the shop for- I don’t know how much
longer it’s in there for but its going fast so don’t
miss out on your opportunity, – I’m going to try to get one now. – Steve has missed out on his opportunity. – I did. I had it on my desk-
– I think you’ve missed it- – I’ve had it on my desk and
I’m ordering one right now. Someone took it-
– Metallic edition. And the zip hoodies in blue and Burgundy. I’ve got the blue and
I absolutely love it. So they are available in the store. Don’t miss out on those
while they’re still there. Yes, what a show! Love that Steve! I’ve enjoyed having you here. You’re funny. – I Thoroughly enjoy being here. It’s- you get caught up in this whirlwind which is Martyn Ashton.
– I don’t know about that. I think it’s all you dude. Yeah, but we’ve had a great time. Thank you for watching this week. Make sure you stay with us here on GMBN because you’ve got a
good video there Steve. – Absolutely. Now either of us is in its tenth year and it’s been dominated by French races pretty
much in it’s lifespan. However, this week we’ve a video on what either of us races
to look out for this year. – Yeah, so check that out. And right here we’ve got a video all about is this the least practical
car for mountain biking ever? Great video, great car (laughing). Great car. So don’t miss out on a chance to see that. Hit the old globe there to subscribe and don’t go without
giving us a thumbs up like. See you next week!

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