Craftsman home for sale in Belmont Heights: 372 Grand Ave

Hi, I am Anne Marie Reggie with the Reggie Real Estate Group at Keller
Williams Coastal Properties and I am really excited to announce our new listing at 372 Grand Avenue here in Belmont Heights. This is a 1920’s home that has the craftsman charm mixed with all the modern upgrades. So they’ve redone the roof, the plumbing, the electrical. They have central air and heat. The driveway has been repaived. This gorgeous porch that I’m standing on has been redone, it’s extended, it’s very, very welcoming. So when you go
inside you’ll see a lot of these upgrades as well as European appliances, gorgeous flooring. You’ll see when you go in. When you get to the yard it’s very expansive yard. Great for
entertaining and they’ve done a great job with the garage. They’ve opened up
the two-car garage to make it a really functioning workspace. They actually work from home so that has a lot of advantages if you’re
one of those stay at home workers. And it’s a great location! It’s in the
Fremont elementary school district and then it’s just a
stone’s throw away from Coffee Cup Cafe which is the best Long
Beach breakfast joint. It’s been voted that a few times. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. If you’d like to see it in person, I’m happy to arrange a
private showing so give us a call. And other than that, enjoy it and I hope to
hear from you soon. Thanks! Music

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