Clay Pottery Slab Building : How to Form a Round Vase

So now we’re ready to make our base. The first
thing we want to do is we want this textured side to be the outside, so we’re going to
flip this slab right on over. Now we’re going to take our form, we want one of these straight
sides to line up with the bottom. And you want to just press your clay onto the form,
keeping that line, lined up with the bottom. And once you get to the end of the slab, give
yourself just a little bit of extra clay so they overlap just a tiny bit and cut off the
excess. Now that you’ve cut off the excess, you want to score the interior edge of that
part and the interior edge of that part. This clay is still pretty wet, so we don’t need
a ton of slip, or a whole lot of scoring, that should suffice. Roll it back together,
give it a little bit of pressure and now we’ve got the cylinder part of our base form.

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  1. @ Meganthwaites, If you wrap a paper towel or toilet paper around the tube first, it won't stick and you can slide the vase or whatever you are making right off. I've been working in clay for over 30 years and I have used both paper towels and toilet paper with any kind of cylinder. If you use bowls for drape molds, lay the same over them before you put your clay on. It will lift off easily. Good luck

  2. Or here's a though … cover the tube in a sheet of newspaper … then roll the clay on and while the clay is on the tube cut through both sections at a 45 degree angle – that way you have a better bonding surface and you can remove your tube

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