100 Replies to “Building The Most Secret Underground Stone House By Ancient Skill”

  1. When it falls in on him all they have to do is put up a grave marker. This clown has a camera or a go pro and not a shovel….. wtf.

  2. When i was child, i thought that when i was "digging" and reached the hard part of the ground i was thinking about oh hell no, thats rock, this man just digs like wtf

  3. al leer los comentarios serian ustedes capaces de construir algo ejp, sembrar una planta , no importa la camara etc etc.imaginen a este hombre en primer mundo. DIOS te bendiga y realices tus sueños

  4. All I could think was”that hole is not bigger than five inches he could die since it’s covered over that’s a hazard and all of the rocks could fall on him really tho your fireplace chimney can’t be smaller than five inches it has to be Gifford’s than five inches it’s dangerous you could die from all the smoke.

  5. Do you ever think like at the end of the video he just goes to a city and lives a life like 2019 and this is the forest outside his city or something

  6. watching videos like this make me glad I live 2 blocks away from an equipment rental business…lowes has cement on sale

  7. Not to insult anyone. But my dad said this is how alot of people hide in vietnam during the fighting and killing that was going on. So you know he knows what he is doing. My dad said a family can live there. I cant see how they can breathe or see. The smoke would kill first. And the people about wood when it gets wet breaks easy. No no. I lived in the country and you well.break your back tring to cut wet wood. Its when it dry its easy to break. I think that wood is bambo so it holds almost anything. Good job man.

  8. Let’s at least buy and send this man a shovel he works too hard. l get tired just watching him while eating Doritos on my couch

  9. At 13:00 I thought he brought out his porta grass potty to dispose of a digested yam or two. And do we really need to see him make love to his dinner?

  10. Why would he build it in a dry run off. You can clearly see the stones to slow the water above when first starts clearing. SMDH

  11. Yup, the first thing i go for after working up a sweat in the jungle, is a nice hot fire while editing video for YouTube

  12. When the mansoons come all the people in those holes will be bailing out and I don't mean water just like gophers when you flood their holes…shssh!

  13. "911 what's your emergency?"
    "I built a hole and jumped in. Then I put rocks on top of it. The rocks fell on my ass"
    "But why did you put rocks on the roof though?"
    "Because I'm stupid. Also there's a fire"
    "You lit a fire?"
    "In the hole."
    "You dug a hole, covered it with rocks and lit a fire in the hole. Am I getting that right?"
    "Yes now are you sending help or nah?"
    "Lol no" click

  14. …🤔so, that stone roof top was the bomb..lol… but If a real rain came, it seems like to be he'd be flooded out in a lil' island minute.

  15. Any large animal would fall through and kill him. The heavy rocks are a danger. Should have used larger and more timber for the roof. Also should be sloped and elevated at the door to keep out rain. Also could have been edited down to one minute.

  16. Dumb ass kids don't even know anything about carbon monoxide poisoning when in a enclosed area…they gonna find him dead in that grave he dough for himself if he decides to sleep in and closed the hatch. It's good night forever dumb kid.

  17. LowestFiber

    True … you can say that there is a small village

    Verdade… dá para dizer que tem uma pequena Vila

  18. eu não teria coragem de colocar tantas pedras pesadas assim em cima

    I wouldn't have the courage to put so many heavy stones on

  19. The first common is I'm about five nights you need to make that Thing 2 foot deeper but I did like it construction method it looks like it worked real well

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