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[Hendo Art]
And then oh I’m sorry I just got assaulted by a fly My Spidey Senses didn’t tingle at all Hi I’m Hendo Art and today I’m becoming Black Cat from Marvel’s Spider-Man I’ve gone to conventions for a long time by myself and always saw cosplayers And I started working at a video game company and met more nerds like me and they encouraged me to try it And then it kind of took over my life When I started cosplaying I had no idea how to sew I like to look at tutorials online The cosplay community is really giving and they kind of share all of our tips and tricks And so, the university of the internet helped me figure out how to do it all Black Cat to me has always be kind of fierce and feisty This design of her is way more up my alley This design of her is way more up my alley It’s a lot more armored and seems a lot more like combat ready It’s a badass version of Felicia The biggest challenge for this costume is definitely all the paneling in the front I decided to go with sewing so that I could still move in it I made a mock-up bodysuit and then just drew on my body where I wanted every panel to be To make the eye mask, I took a pair of goggles and just popped out the lenses And then the rest of the mask I made out of Worbla So you just kind of heat it up and then try really not to burn myself as I put over my face so it exactly fits me I’m more experienced making armor so I left that for the last step and got all the hard stuff out of the way first I usually weather all my armor And it was a little different for me this time to do a bit more sleek For me New York Comic Con is one of the most unique cons The vibe is definitely different being where Spider-Man is from You’re kind of a little more in character and a little more excited I’m kind of always blown away by no matter how obscure the character is people know exactly what it’s from You’re going to find somebody at the convention who relates to what is that you like and what you’re dressed up as And you can make more friends that way It’s hard to say what the most rewarding part of cosplay is How much it will fulfill many aspects of your life I never had as many friends as I do now I’ve found myself expressing a lot artistic ideas in my head through cosplay Five years ago I never would have guessed that I’d be here Now I dress up for a living I’m really grateful for where I am now © 2018 MARVEL

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  1. thank you when i saw blackcat in spiderman ps4 i instantly fell inlove but she's a fictional charac but u brought her to life thank youuuuuu

  2. Cosplayers to me raise the standards of what we should get as far as costume design goes in superhero movies. It's why seeing stuff like the X-Men costumes is so insulting to us as fans. We literally see cosplayers pulling off awesome versions of comic-based looks that get better and better over the years and then we see in a movie they look like they spray painted some paintball gear for designs.

  3. I follow her on instagram… when I saw her here I was like "Hey! I know her. This is so cool, someone I know on marvel's channel"

  4. I will say this, I have no experience making costumes or cosplaying, but I will still express my opinion. I don't enjoy it when you can clearly see that the costume in the game or in comics is made out of one specific material, but the cosplayers decide to change the material. Black Cat's costume in Spiderman PS4 is clearly made out of some sort of latex along with some hard material for the armor, the goggles are also clearly made of some harder material; material like hardened matte plastic would have done the job, using a more fiber-based suit with foam for details kind of ruins it in my opinion. I understand that some people just don't have the money to make one to one replicas of the costume, again I am just voicing my opinion. But apart from the little nitpicks I had, that was a pretty well made costume.

  5. 2:09 that guy next to her is Darin De Paul he such a awesome dude! Overwatch voice actor! And o yeah she is pretty thicccccccc

  6. I have a very important question that needs answered so if you guys could weigh-in, it would really help……Similarly to when guys cosplay and they wear this special underwear to prevent bulging of …do female cosplayers also wear a special underwear to prevent cameltoe?

  7. "Why do good girls like bad guys I really had this question for a really long time
    """""@@Transition mofo**@****"""""
    Sick bad boy dress code. Christian channel.

  8. Sees character design
    Dang she's hot, if only actual girls were that attract-
    Sees actress
    Sees actress cosplaying as character

  9. They should fill up spider mans past with black cat in a sequel if they do. Like some scene when they where dating as like a flash back or something? In my opinion I think black cat and spider is better couple then MJ
    And peter.

  10. And once again I say, "Where are all the successful male cosplayers at?"

    All women really have to do is show off 95% of skin and instantly get liked and noticed. Doesn't seem all that fair.

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