Black and Red Handmade Peccary Leather Men’s Gloves – Waterproof in 7 sizes by Fort Belvedere

These black and red gloves by Fort
Belvedere are special for a number of reasons first of all they are made out of peccary
leather which is a special leather with hides coming from Peru. It is generally
known as the best glove leather on the planet because it is
super soft very durable and it gets better over time
however that wasn’t good enough for us so we came up with the hydro peccary
leather which is as soft as normal peccary letter but at the same time
water-resistant you can pour water over it and it’s repellent so it’s perfect
for functional winter gloves that stay warm and stylish at the same time. it’s important to keep in mind that
peccary is harvested from wild animals and because of that the skins will have
slight imperfections that is not a defect but a sign of an original genuine
peccary product Two, these gloves are
basically made in five countries. it all
starts with the raw hides in Peru which are then exported to Germany where they are
tanned by a family company that has tanned
leather for over 150 years they really know peccary and they get that rich
deep color in it once the leather is tanned they’re shipped to Hungary where it is cut
sewn and made into gloves by experts sewers with a long-standing tradition in glove
making the cut that wee chose for our gloves
is proprietary and designed so you can move your fingers easily with a glove
that fits elegantly around your wrist as well as the bottom of your hand the
middle and the fingers most men’s leather gloves out there are just black
and for that reason we never offer them in our program because we have special
things because of that we offered black
gloves with contrasting red elements you can see that between the fingers and it
looks very elegant when you get that glimpse at the same time we used a
contrast thread from Germany for the stitching and these gloves are all and
completely hand stitched which is very tedious and takes quite a bit of time
because a peccary leather is so tough in
line with a contrast colored theme we chose a red piping
and you’ll find a button closure which keeps leather closer to wrists which
keeps you warm in the winter and it’s a distinct feature from the 1930s that
we’ve adapted for all of our Fort Belvedere gloves as always you see the
signature Green Fort Belvedere button which is a hallmark for a genuine Fort Belvedere
product for lining we chose an oatmeal colored cashmere lining with
the raw materials coming from China because China has the best cashmere but
it is then spun and made into glove linings in Italy the linings are
perfectly sized for the gloves so you don’t have any weird spots and
everything is smooth on your fingers three to ensure we have the maximum
amount of movement without effort in your fingers we added little quirks
which are little triangles in between the fingers as you can see the stitches
on these gloves are very fine and the overall workmanship is top-notch you
won’t be able to feel the supple softness of the peccary leather in this
video and the only way to experience that is to buy a pair to find the right
size please check our glove sizing guide here. these black and red hydropeccary
gloves from Fort Belvedere work well with business overcoats or suits if you
want to give them a little twist because of the contrasting color so if you have
a black overcoat a charcoal one and navy one this is a good choice
these gloves also work well with our black and red wallet our black and red
manicure kit as well as our black and red business card case which you can all
find in our shop here you can also find other glove colors and other materials
in our shop here please check out the selection

3 Replies to “Black and Red Handmade Peccary Leather Men’s Gloves – Waterproof in 7 sizes by Fort Belvedere”

  1. great leather and great casmier, pitty the quility of glove sucks shit tho. stiching comes out. the wrist is to lose, and there so much extra fabric its not even a size 8 1/2 it s more like a size 9 1/2 best off going to a store and trying on gloves, 400$ canadian is not worth it. its a shame that great quilty materials are wasted. cant belive i hade to spend 24 dollors to get my gloves fix, and no thanks shiping it back will cost me more mone then if done by a tailor.

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