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so you may be wondering what are the
best teachers day gift ideas well in this video I’ll be giving you seven
ideas that you can give your teachers on teachers day to show your appreciation
if we’re just meeting my name is Apryll and I am an online ESL instructor these
are ideas that I have researched online and I’ve even asked teachers myself so I
think that these will be useful for you and if you want to use any of these
ideas I’ve gone ahead and put some links in the description box below so you can
go straight to it at any time during this video so I just want to start this
off by saying that teachers don’t generally expect to get gifts but I
understand that some of you actually want to treat your teachers so to make
your life a little bit simpler and easier I’m just gonna give you some gift
ideas these gift ideas are especially handy if you don’t want to meet the
items I mean come on you want to treat your teachers but you don’t necessarily
want to have them be handmade so these will help you as well first gift ideas
are vouchers to maybe restaurants, movies or spas just show your teachers hey you
can have a lovely day out when they have their day off a tip would be to make
this a class collection idea so that everyone is involved and maybe you can
get something of a higher value the second gift idea is similar to vouchers
but these are gift cards so these gift cards could be to Amazon or maybe
Starbucks especially if they love coffee but anyways the thing is that these gift
cards actually allows the teachers to choose the items that they want to buy
if you’re not sure what to buy your teacher but you know that they may
like a certain collection of items or if something easy such as Amazon that
has everything you can easily give them a gift card and let them choose I’m sure
they will appreciate this. The third gift idea
is school or sta…stationery supplies now this does not sound exotic but a lot of
teachers appreciate this especially if they have to get the school supplies
themselves this actually happened so one idea would be to get them a teacher’s
essential gift where this would be a package of all the school supplies that
they need and maybe a nice little treat at the side speaking of treats, the next
gift idea would be treats so if you know that your teacher likes wine are
chocolates or coffee you can get them one or maybe several of these options
now the trick would be to actually ask them but I mean I’m sure they wouldn’t
mind being asked about what they like you don’t have to say hey what gift should I
get you but ask them what they like they’re human beings and I’m sure that
they would appreciate someone getting to know them more if that’s what you
want to do and if you want to bundle items together you can also get them a
care package. Now, a care package can be ordered online from different websites
and in this…in the umm package you can have different items such as snacks
different treats this would be really lovely and a great thing would be to
know what they like and in the care package there is a whole assortment of
options that you can give them with now another gift idea which will take a
couple minutes out of your time but not too long
would be to get an item that shares a special memory now a good way to do this
and a good tip would be to go online and probably create an album of different
pictures of class trips or events with a teacher involved. This would be really
lovely and if you want to go the extra mile you may probably get different
signatures or even notes from different students in the class and an idea would
be a website such as mix books where you can create albums or even photos with
frames you just personalized for your teachers now the last gift idea and the
one that teachers actually appreciate the most is a simple message of
gratitude so this can be a card where you write what you appreciate about
the teacher maybe if you have all the classmates come together and write in
one card or if it even if from the previous idea we’ve got some album or
maybe a photo with a frame and have the different students just write on the
back what they love about the teacher this would be really great because
teachers you know it’s just good to show your appreciation to them for what
they’ve done we all know that they work really hard
and for the work that they do most of them are underpaid so just showing your
gratitude would really make their day so I hope that these gift ideas are very
useful for you and as we’re coming up to our teachers appreciation day just do
something creative to show your appreciation for your teachers so
remember to check out the links in the description for any ideas that you would
want to use I appreciate each and every one of you please subscribe if you
haven’t already I hope to see you soon have a great day
one great idea you may be wondering
what so you may be wondering what

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  1. Hi Apryll, This is Mary. You are delightful!! It is so nice to see you on this video – you have such a nice personality and are wonderful on camera. You have some wonderful ideas here!! Great channel!! Love, Mary

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