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  1. Tune in to Alien Invasion Week on History starting Monday 9/30 through Friday 10/4 for new Ancient Aliens, plus the premiere of In Search Of, new UFO Specials and More!

  2. Hahaha i love how everyone blamed the Mayan people cause the world didn't end. Hang on blame the so called people who claim they deciphered the code.

  3. Mayan culture is simply one of the best of all mankind. Its a shame the Spanish had burned so many of their books and documents. Who know what more we could have uncovered.

  4. The maya calendar sure was not made by mayans , it was gived from them alien God Kukulcan, he have flying ship but all this primitive peasants have misunderstood them technology, and has believed this flying ship, was a flying serpent.The same happend with the prophet Ezekiel , then in the ancient time ,he has seen of ski a huge alien ufo , and he has believed this was the (carriot of God) ,even he was teken with it , and have seen from outer space the entire round planet , and have seen this huge room made of cristal, all this guys have misunderstood only this advanced civilization, sfmy spelling !

  5. Sounds like a alien ship landed an the steps then came out the ufo an out came the gods..to teach the mayans ot the universe

  6. Another day, another AA demeaning the human race’s intelligence without fact, without proof, just rambling sentences yet again.
    Yes…of course, it MUST of been aliens right?
    The Chinese were doing it…”aliens”.
    The Europeans were doing it…”aliens”
    The Maori were doing it…”aliens”.

    This show is getting so bad that even walking will be “aliens” soon…

  7. The 13 represents the cycle of one day not a whole year. We have 24 hours in a day but when it hits 12 am it’s technically a 0 which represents nothing

  8. Why dont you morons ,come down here in Mexico,we are still here.
    We Mexicans are the children of the Maya ,Azteca and Tolteca.
    What you want to know?

  9. they should compare it with hindu traditional calender which has 360 days and the difference of 5 days due to earth rotation period is adjusted periodically adding one month

  10. Fantasy made up by his ancestors, the God that created the heavens and earth is the only true God, and it all began when he spoke it into existence. Period.

  11. One thing i really know, we are all going to die and we can't scape it. Except if we found the fountain of life if it is real.

  12. Most of these words are similar to Sanskrit. Even the word 'Maya' means illusion in Sanskrit…..Or may it's just a coincidence….

  13. Awesome video!! These sophisticated calendars might also represent some kind of Stargate doorways to other galaxy civilizations! More translations & investigations needed! Kool ytube channel!

  14. 1. 360 day calendar – in this time Venus did not exist as a named planet in our solar system. It was a wondering planet with no orbit. The last time Planet X came screaming thru our solar system it picked up Venus and placed it between Mars and Earth. That pushed Earth back further from the Sun and thus adding 5 additional to the existing calendar and some additional time to the length of the day (about an hour , if I remember correct). When Planet X intersected with our solar system during that time, it also ripped off the atmosphere from the southern region of Earth. That allowed the cold of space to rush in and flash freeze the Antarctic region. There is an ancient civilization down there along with dinosaurs and giants that was flash frozen in time. It also began the ice age on Earth.
    2. Gods descending from the sky – (Fallen Angels) When the fallen Angels were cast from Heaven they did teach humans their knowledge. And some ancient knowledge they were not supposed to teach.

  15. They didn't create the calendar they heritated them from the olmec who probably got them also a long time ago from someone else one.

  16. I’m a skeptic about just about everything, and so I do question how each ancient civilisation came up with gods or a god, and mythology? Did these ideas spark from some delusional person who decided they one day wanted to randomly tell everyone that they saw a these beings, and everyone believed them? Or did the first people created recollect their experiences being created? That’s one of the greatest mysteries that we won’t be able to know the answer to for sure. Scientists predict that everything came from nothing, and to be honest that would make sense, because even if these beings did exist, they would have had to of come from nowhere too. It’s just hard to comprehend the beginning of everything, and this video where it mentioned hw these people were believed to have marked their idea of how they begun got me thinking

  17. Instead of "storming" area 5, they should've stormed the Vatican and retrieved the rest of the history they disgracefully keep, and stole. They're not obsessed with telescopes just to look progressive.

  18. Surprise! In the Hindu Calendar, the Kali Yuga (Age of Kali) starts around 3100 BCE. Thus this year, it is 5120 as per the Tamil Paambu Panchangam (The Snake Almanac published every year in Tamil language). We use this almanac to know the auspicious dates and times, the new moon and full moon days, the eclipses, etc. The almanac also provides good forecast of weather conditions and advises on certain routine agricultural activities.

  19. Their 360-day-in-a-year calendar (along with other ancient cultures having it) strongly suggests to me that Earth did only take 360 days to orbit the Sun (whether because it was a bit closer and/or that the Earth turned slower on its axis). This would account for the ancient tradition we have inherited of dividing a circle into 360 degrees. Otherwise, what a weird 'random' number to choose. They other thing about heavenly 'clockwork' is the fact that the female human cycle is the same as the time it takes for the Moon to go once round the Earth. Why should that be so? If it's some tidal effect, then why don't all similar-sized female mammals have it? They have a YEARLY cycle — they only "come into heat" once a year, but the female human cycle is the same as the orbital period of the Moon around the Earth. Don't tell me that's mere coincidence.

  20. I've been watching this show on netflix and I cant belive how could you deny god existence . All these alien that they talk about that came and we think they help humanity they all sound like jinns and god has said it in Quran that people have had connections with jinns in past and humans thought they were being helped by the jinns but all the jinns do they is stray us

  21. Ha Ha Ha…..the calendars (panchaang means five parts) are from India. Maya word is also from India. Lunar calendars and moon signs including astrology, astronomy and space research are also from India with dedicated books and epics (shastras) written on every topic. Expand the horizon of your little brittle knol.

  22. Everyday we move closer to the golden age. Thats all they were saying. , I’m still wondering why they never show the pyramid in Central America with the steps humans have to jump & climb up. The steps were built for giants. I was there in 1972, still see no pics or anything on this place. Like they don’t want anyone to know about it. It’s located in Honduras / El Salvador border , 63 miles north of Arendiki Honduras. Cala casca , opal all over the place!!Best stone work ., I still have the jelly opal from that site. Different than white or black opal but is clear with all the color.

  23. North Carolina recorded a cluster of lights in September 2019 that many people claim are UFOs. Others believe they are military flares this is real

  24. If the Mayan calendar was MOST COMPLICATED calendar system of all, ISN'T IT POSSIBLE that the Mayan calendar is the OLDEST CALENDAR SYSTEM?
    …& ISN"T IT POSSIBLE that Mayans must have therefore HAD CONTACT W/EXTRATERRESTRIALS ???
    Again, ANCIENT ASTRONAUT THEORISTS (meself!!) say 'YES'…..:)

  25. To the people that think the calendar said the world will end in 2012 it never said that it in facts has predictions going over thousand years into the future well past 2012.

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