Ancient Aliens: Hacking NASA Secrets (Season 12, Episode 9) | History

England, March 19, 2002. At 8:00 AM, the National
High Tech Crime Unit arrives at the home of
34-year-old Scottish systems administrator Gary McKinnon. They are there to arrest him
on behalf of the United States Justice Department and NASA. For the past year, McKinnon has
been hacking into top secret Pentagon and NASA computers. What he uncovered were
files that he claims could provide undeniable
proof that the Majestic 12 and the Secret Space Program
it gave rise to truly exist. [music playing] Among the things I found,
there was an Excel spreadsheet entitled non-terrestrial
officers, which I took to be a
space-going fleet made of human personnel, not aliens. It did list their names. I couldn’t find them on
the internet at the time. There was also a list of ships. I googled with the ship names. There were no matches. So I knew they weren’t
ocean-going vessels. Interestingly, some of
the names of these ships were people allegedly
involved in Majestic 12. If there was a
secret space program, and if it has anything to
do with back engineering crashed alien spacecraft,
then those MJ 12 people are exactly the ones
you would expect to find name checked in this way. [music playing] NARRATOR: According to
McKinnon, the most shocking file he came across was on a computer
at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Within a folder
labeled Unfiltered, he spotted a thumbnail
image of a high res NASA satellite photo which
appeared to depict an unusual spacecraft. I double clicked
on this image, and it was coming
down very slowly. But I could see this tubular,
classic cigar-shaped UFO with these kind
of geodesic domes, like half a golf ball stuck
on top and underneath. And I’m just amazed, because
I’ve found real evidence of what I thought was
a UFO, but it could have been a secret space ship. Who knows. But there it was in front of
me, coming down the screen. And then suddenly, I saw the
mouse move across the screen, right click the LAN icon
and choose disconnect. And lost the chance
to fully transfer the photo to my machine. So it was a Eureka moment,
but also, ah, they got me. ROBERT WOOD: The secrecy
associated with MJ 12 in my judgment, has permitted
us to spend a huge amount of money, trillions of dollars. My more recent conclusion is
that some of the trillions of dollars of money have been
used to take the technology we have discovered and build
gravity control devices that we would see sometimes as UFOs. So if you look in the
sky now, in my opinion, it’s 50/50 chance that
it’s ours versus theirs. [music playing] NARRATOR: According
to Corey Goode, what Gary McKinnon discovered
in the top secret Pentagon and NASA files is in line
with his own experiences. Gary ended up being
the first person to uncover tangible
proof of these programs through his hacking. Interestingly enough,
the information he obtained on the different
types of spacecraft, the non-terrestrial officers,
fleet to fleet transfers, all of this perfectly coincided
with Project Solar Warden. [music playing] NARRATOR: Corey claims that
the Majestic 12 documents from the 1950s– which reveal that
interactions were taking place between
government officials and numerous alien species– are accurate as well. Currently, in the
secret space programs, we’ve been dealing
with approximately 60 different non-terrestrial
groups that have come here. And some of those
groups are interacting with the governments
of the world right now. [music playing] NARRATOR: If there really are
both alien and human factions operating throughout
our solar system, how much longer can it be
kept hidden from the public? Ancient astronaut
theorists suggest recent government statements
reveal that the truth will soon be disclosed. [music playing]

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  2. Why aliens, who are way more advanced than us, want our actual technology? It’s like us trying to use the cavemen’s first wheel for our modern vehicles.

  3. So they get Trillions of dollars for space while their country and the world suffers from poverty, homelessness, disease, drug abuse etc. I wonder what the Papal Church of Rome spend their Trillions on? Mmmm.

  4. Funny Tesla is inventing a flying saucer. He dies in 43 and in 1950 we start seeing all this new spaceships. Come on. It's the government. Pretending to be aliens to scare the public. Their is aliens I believe but not the way the media pictures then.

  5. LOOK! I delivered liquid oxygen to red stone Arsenal in Georgia. A man there told me it was used to cool off “huge lasers” that were being tested before being put into space! Now why would he make that up…..

  6. Feeding innocent children 100 miles below underground in exchange of their fear they might attack … disgusting government.

  7. I seen two round light in the sky and all of a sudden disappeared into the dark sky real fast me and my mom ran in house and we stay in hood 😂

  8. Still remember the scenes of Independence Day….. 👽 can give us proofs of existence like that only… Just saying

  9. With 7 going on 9 Billion people on earth and only 1 % if that report to have seen Aliens or a UFO I would say there's no evidence what so ever. Fake News.

  10. This is Fake
    If it would be true
    Then History Tv 18 won't make a video on this…or it would het banned!(

  11. Either another continuation of the majestic 12 myths which is pure hoax or just another attempt to create fake highly elaborate information to direct other countries attention away from the truth, especially those considered as rivals (such as china and russia)

  12. "Today they call them angels and demons, tomorrow, they will call them something else."
    Yes Aleister Crowley, they call the ancient aliens now.

  13. Gary McKinnon should be extradited to the US to face trial for his crimes as a hacker and the sustained attack on NASA and the Pentagon.

    He has been hiding behind his aspergers for years to escape judgement. He looks fit and well to me to stand trial.

    The courts should make an example of him and give him the full glory of the law: The death penalty.

    If they are going after Julian Assange then Gary McKinnon should be top priority!!!

  14. It was bizarre seeing all this on the news at the time – reporters always careful not task about the implications of the data Gary McKinnon found. Britain changed its extradition laws with the USA to protect Gary McKinnon.

  15. First of all, if there are aliens, why do we care of them?. If they exist, let them exist. Why to do research on existence of aliens?? If we spend the research money, we can remove poverty from this planet. Isn't it??Hence Nasa, Don't waste your time and money in doing researches. Spend your time in doing good across the globe. Dont waste your time in establishing man on mars. If you can, first establish humans on antartica and establish humans underwater.

  16. Check Out. 🙂 Pres Truman's MJ-12, SOLAR WARDEN, TR-3B, Gary McKinnon, Bob Lazar, Philip Corso, Paul Hellyer, Boyd Bushman, Ben Rich, Clifford Stone, Chris Mellon. DISCOVER WHERE 9 TRILLION DOLLARS IN TAX PAYERS MONEY WENT TO THE BLACK OPS. !!!!!

  17. If humans think we the only game in town think again, the Egyptians Maya and other drew/carved into the rocks space ships space man with their suits and such for all we know the aliens can be living among us if their tech is that advance to travel through time and space they could probably be standing next to a human and you would even know it

  18. Heard the movie men in Black MIB was more along the truth . Elites way of throwing it in our face ? Who knows just come on already like we ain't ready ? Really this ain't 1947

  19. Sadly I think there will never be disclosure the powers that be, are increasingly reinforcing the crops of generations to be sceptical to anything that is not presented or endorsed by the media filth. Herd mentality will rein supreme until cataclysmic population reduction occurs.

  20. Wake up people…Some of these guys are spies.. WAKE UP. The stories were turned around so that they can continue to work and hack.. Wake up all.. Why has Garry reached me??? I am exposing the lunar surface…. ???? Anyone? loll

  21. NASA probably hired Garry…lolll Here everyone thinks he is telling the turret…Why did he reach me?? He is up to no good.

  22. here is another American comedy, his arrest is false! Another lie to make us believe what they want us to believe, but ?! I wonder, if this person really managed to get into the secret archives of the various FBI, CIA etc according to you, would he still be alive? And besides, would they allow him to tell what he saw? I let you imagine

  23. These UFO guys remind me of Christians. Christians constantly talk about how the rapture is coming any day now, and the UFO guys talk about how the government is going to disclose any day now. Neither will ever happen, but that won't stop people from thinking it's just around the corner.

  24. 2:21 my idiot brain will make me press print screen key to capture image before LAN is disconnected by remote user 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. The "space ship" that McKinnon described (but somehow forgot what Print Screen does even though he was capable of hacking into NASA) sounds exactly like a man-made satellite… just sayin'

  26. Lol this friggin guy…my homie slept with scarlet Johansson and filmed…but its accidentally magically got erased. This kinda stuff makes wander about this shows integrity.

  27. this is clearly another way of diversionary tactics of local government to hide the real issues in the society.

  28. So we're supposed to believe that at the precise moment Gary found a clear photo of a UFO after months of access on NASA's computers, it also happened to be that very moment when he was discovered and disconnected? So conveniently he couldn't take a screenshot or look at any more of the images/take down names of these officers etc? OK.

  29. BS ,as an American I would love the idea of an American star fleet as he suggested…. But BS!!

    Reality is reality!

  30. Just like it's pretty unlikely that we're the only life in the Universe, it's equally unlikely that if we've ever been visited by Extraterrestrial beings, this or any Country would have any success whatsoever at trying to keep it a secret.

    It took two weeks to get water to the Superdome in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

    Anyone claiming that this Government could actually perpetrate a cover-up of that magnitude is giving them FAR too much credit.

    The staggering lack of any actual verifiable physical evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of Aliens visiting Earth, especially in an era in which even the most rare phenomena are recorded on thousands of cell phones, doesn't bode well for the hypothesis.

    Almost every human being nowadays has a high resolution video camera in their hands at any given time.

    But, Photoshop probably has a, "UFO," button lol so any images would have to pass some pretty intense scrutiny before being accepted as evidence.

    And, as far as, "crashed Alien Spacecraft," goes;
    If they travelled ALL THE WAY from their solar system to ours and couldn't land successfully on the surface without crashing, I'm not sure I would want to meet THOSE aliens.

    I'm not saying they don't exist.

    They most likely do.

    All I'm saying is; if I'm to be convinced they've visited the Earth at any time in the past or present, I'm going to need to see some pretty solid, unimpeachable evidence.

    And, that hasn't happened yet.

    Everything that's been offered as evidence so far is circumstantial.

    And, that's just not good enough to make an objective scientific fact.

  31. My take on it is yes, aliens do exist. Sightings have been seen by thousands maybe even millions of people all around the world. But my catch is, obviously the government knows, obviously they know it’s an interesting & intriguing subject for people to talk about it & be interested in. By that being said I feel like the government them selves for years have been trying & making ufo’s.. perhaps trying to duplicate ufo’s from sightings or even crashes of some they seen on earth.. seeing what they could do. Just having everyone talk & talk & talk & doing what they love doing best, not letting anyone know the exact truth & keeping us all guessing.

  32. What's enraging is that we common people can at most travel in a fuel airplane, while governments already have spaceship technology.

  33. In 1989 Bob Lazar came out saying there was 9 alien spacecraft in the hands of the US

    In 2002 this guy is saying there was 12, imagine how many they have today in 2019

  34. Gratitude\/// oo/o//o ///\ Light & Love – Amen Merci de Montreal Qc – Shared WW francophone spirit comunity . God Bless Us @ll @men xoxo

  35. Interestingly enough David Adair also had talked about Curtis Lemay recruiting him to work at Area 51 on an electromagnetic fusion containment engine. That being said, with lemay's government affairs and Gary Mckinnons hack, gives evidence that that is a real list. Crazy. Crazier that that spaceship isn't a spaceship but a time capsule that isn't supposed to be opened till we have the means and are capable to do so.

  36. Well,they're certainly not here in Africa…..They might have been in the past.Egypt Zimbabwe,Mali(Dogons) but that's it.

  37. I don't understand why people waste money searching for other life outside earth than spending those money to rehabiliate what we have here.

  38. government is doing it ! don't you see that? why do u think this guys is still alive ? cause they like him or just because they're working together , aliens have taken people on their spacecrafts because of a deal made in the past with the government of united states ! the government would kill you if you have a big mouth and they did it!!! you can watch this sort of things on internet ….they are coming

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