22 Replies to “Acrylic Painting Oak Tree in Forest asmr / Akrilik Tablo Orman Resmi.Akrilik Boya Çalışmaları”

  1. A girl wandering in the dark,too dark dense forest ,to search of her beautiful squirrel ,it always jumps near her house ,she searched and tired, return back slept under the mighty oak tree , Actually it s day time ,but wood looks too dark because of heavy trees ,sun fears to enter into the wood because of giant oak tree.A wood pecker pecking the bark of the oak tree made a hole and living in it ,a lovely humming bird singing a song melodiously that ,oh beautiful dark forest ,I love ,you are my home ohh you are my home ,
    The girl woke up and found her squirrel near by her ,she took it into her hands and scolding loudly , squirrel didn't answer , wrapped her gown on her started to sleep on her lap , Girl thinking about the oak tree oh how huge this tree ,a great mighty tree in this dark forest!!!! She remembered her father's words,he said this mighty tree is very old ,may be more than five hundred years back tree ,it's too old , even though giving shelter to many birds,snakes ants etc without

  2. So mystical and fantasy at the same time … a majical landscape mesmerising instrumental aswell… wow .. was in my Recommendations and i am so glad i too the time to watch i am a fan on first watch… have to join u for more amazing watch💕💕💕💕💖💖💕💖💕

  3. Harika bir resimolmuş . şunuda söylemeliyim furçalaraolan hakimiyet böyle bir güzelliği ortaya çıkartıyor ve ben sizin resimlerinizi zevkle takip ediyorum. Öğreniyorum. Harikasınız.👍👍👏👏🙂

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