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  1. Su37 terminators are my personal favourite, terrible in long range engagements but in dogfights its the best in its class

  2. Does someone remember the Mission from Lethal Skies 2 where the wind blows u from right to left against some bricks but u have to get to your landing spot ? Would be dope to see this again

  3. The Graceful Duck. Ace Combat team really captures that feel of the Sukhoi series.

    Hopefully Project Eagle would be another great flight combat game that could rival it.

  4. Sukhoi Su-34 (in NATO code "Fullback", internal designation Su-27IB, export: Su-32) – Russian fighter-bomber plane and assault aircraft. Produced in the Novosibirsk Aviation Industry Association, the plane belongs to the Su-27 "Flanker" family, but it is different from those based on the Flanker. It is bigger, it has a comfortable two-seater cabin with a kitchen, a shielded titanium case and you can enter it from the bottom. Saturn AL-31F M1 engines with movable nozzles have high power, that weighing 17 700 kg (takeoff weight is 38 200 kg), the aircraft could reach a maximum speed of 1400-1900 km/h and have a range of 4,000 km. Su-34 is to replace Su-24 "Fencer" (which should also appear in AC7) as an assault aircraft and Tu-22M3 "Backfire" as a bomber. It can also do many other tasks like electronic battle. So far, 127 items have been produced for the Russian Air Force. Soon the Su-32 will soon be equipped with the military aviation of Algeria. Su-34 made its debut in the Ace Combat series in the fifth installment of the series as Su-32 Strike Flanker and was used by the Yuktobania aviation. In Ace Combat Zero he used the "Suerte" Squadron.

    So if someone is looking for a powerful bomber and/or assault plane, Su-34 "Fullback" is the perfect choice.

  5. Жмышенко Валерий Альбертович . Летчик— испытатель 1го класса.Жмых эирлейнс ,борт 228 . Неважно как , неважно где , главное ,что вместе . Жмых эирлейнс(с).

  6. I cant wait for AC7. Ive been patiently waiting since 2015 when they announced it coming to PS4. 3 LONG years of anticipation.

  7. Do we get ace Combat 5 when we pre order because I’m not sure why they didn’t give it to me after preordering on the ps store

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