A Guide to Using Magic Select in Paint 3D

Pressing the Magic Select button will reveal
handles that you can use to select the part of an
image that you want to cut out. When you have made your selection, press Next and
the tool will intuitively highlight an area to
cut out. Use the Add and Remove brushes to help refine the
selection. Once you’re happy with the selection, press Done,
and that segment will pop out as a new 3D layer. The area behind the content is intelligently
filled in to hide any gaps. If you insert an image and use Magic Select right
away, then we will make both the selection and
the background 3D layers. This means you can choose to remove the
background or you can use Magic Select again to
separate out even more layers. Any time you press Magic Select, we will hide all
other content to help you focus on your
selection. When you have multiple cut out images in your
scene, you can use the depth slider to arrange
which is above or below. Whether you’re enhancing 2D images or creating
layered 3D scenes, Magic Select makes cutting out
images easy, fast and fun. Click here to learn about selecting and moving 3D

20 Replies to “A Guide to Using Magic Select in Paint 3D”

  1. at 28 seconds 'the layer behind the selection will fill in'. Mine does not fill in. the object DOES pop out, but there is a white space left.

  2. The area behind the object is not "intellingently filled in". One of the dumbass windows updates broke it.

  3. There is no 2D Rectangle shape, only Square. There are no sizing options with the Square to turn it into a Rectangle.. How can I get a Rectangle?

  4. You forgot the part where it ignores you and cuts out (or adds) part of the image in a different shape to what you selected. It makes it a literally pointless feature.

  5. Why can't we do this with video? I want to remove some lines from a video and have the background filled in. I don't want to go through each frame. Can't Paint 3D do the same thing automatically on each frame?

  6. Nope. Looking for an extremely simple explanation on how to just use magic select to make the background transparent, but every tutorial video is basically a neon sign "PLEASE BUY PAINT SHOP!"

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