3 Creative Ways to Use Our Edu Videos

Subtitles are on! Click CC at bottom right to turn off. The educational video creator community on
YouTube is growing—which is so exciting—-there is so much great edu content out there to
explore. And while we believe edu videos are an awesome
supplement, it is a tool and like all tools—it’s how the tool is used that determines its effectiveness. Our previous “all around the agar” video
was focused more for students with study strategies, but this one is more geared for our fellow
teachers. If you’re using our videos in the classroom,
we want to share 3 ideas on how to use our edu videos that we think can make them more
effective, relevant, and meaningful. First: Consider using our videos for more
class discussion! No lecture needed! After students see our short video—and our
videos are all short, always under 10 minutes— students now have a foundation. Afterwards, you can mute the video and fast
forward through some of the cartoons to use as “discussion starters.” Use them to ask students about concepts and
to expand if your level of content needs to go in more depth. Discussions give students a voice, and they
make the content memorable. By the way, this is similar to how our NEW
Unlectured Series works—it features our cartoons with questions as discussion starters. Second: Use our videos to get more creation
time in the classroom. Do you know I still remember the plant book
I made in my 7th grade science class? I remember it, because creating it made it
relevant to me. Hands-on labs and the opportunities to create
in the classroom tend to be the most memorable parts to me when I was in science. After students have the foundation of our
videos, they can use that foundation (and additional resources you may have them explore
such as science articles or looking at data) to create something. There is so much learning in creating, and
if there are any misconceptions, they will show up in the creating so they can be addressed. So, what might creating look like? It could be a student created story, podcast,
comic, blog entry, video, vocabulary puzzle, skit…the list goes on. We think student creation is so powerful that
this is built in as a portion of our Unlectured series. Finally, use our videos to build curiosity. Our short videos provide the basics. Ask students to come up with their own topic
related questions that are relevant to them! Encourage students to record their questions
while they’re watching our videos or keep them up on a collaborative space online. Providing time for students to research their
own questions can make a great extension. Then, students can share that information
with the class and everyone will learn something new. In addition to our Unlectured Series, we create
other resources that go with our videos. Just like our videos, all of our resources
are a tool – and their effectiveness depends greatly on how they are used – we’d like
to mention the suggested use of our resources. Some of our videos offer annotated video script
TEMPLATES which include an informal version of our video script – cleaned up a bit to
make it easier to annotate. The template has an annotation key and spacious
right margin, which provides an opportunity for students to sketch or doodle, identify
key points, recognize important vocabulary- and our favorite- develop their own questions
to explore. We also have recap handouts for many video
topics. Our recap handouts include a lot of open-ended
questions in addition to memorable comics from our video. All of our recap handouts are in a grid format
– because they are designed to be used as a series of exit tickets for those last 5
minutes of class. One or two boxes at a time make a great 5
minute exit ticket for students to hand to you before they leave the classroom. Then, these questions can be discussed as
a class first thing the next morning so students can get quick feedback – faster feedback
than they might get from something would require grading – and this tool can be helpful when
deciding how to adjust your lessons. Since there are several boxes for each recap
handout, they can continue to serve for quick formative checks for multiple days. In summary, we hope our short videos can help
provide for more classroom discussion, more student creation, and more curiosity. We love to get feedback from our fellow teachers
so we can keep improving- we have a helpful question and answer section on our “contact
us” page on our website. But you can also find us on Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram, and of course- here on YouTube. Educational videos can never replace the amazing
work you do as a teacher, but they can serve as a helpful supplement for that amazing work
that you do. Thanks for all you do, fellow teachers, and
have a wonderful school year! Well that’s it for the Amoeba Sisters, and
we remind you to stay curious!

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  1. Thank you so much for this fantastic work. I´m a teacher of Molecular Biology in Mexico and I love to share your videos with my class. They are as fascinated as I am with you guys 🙂

  2. Thank you so much .
    I know your vedios are mostly on Cytology or Genetic but could you please give a vedio on 'human circulatory system'?

  3. Why do you have so many subscribers but only 1000 views those other subscribers don’t know what they r missing out on coz ur amazing 😉

  4. love this channellll you guys always showup in our bio and
    chem classes thanks for saving the day….💓

  5. Pls make some Chem vids. Chem is soooo confusing. Bio was 2 b4 I watched u. I think I've said enough…😉😏😜🙃

  6. Please make video on the differences between heterozygous and hybrid!!! HONESTLY I DIDN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD FROM WHAT I READ ON GOOGLE. PLEEEEASE

  7. Thanks Amoeba Sisters your videos really helped me to prepare for my first ever Genetics Exams. I reallyyyyyyy like those videos😁😁😁am going to use them to help me son with his Science

  8. Honestly, sometimes if I have a bio quiz. I just watch amoeba sisters and be entertained and educated at the same time.

  9. Also, for our fellow teachers, check out our page about our videos (https://www.amoebasisters.com/our-videos) and resources (https://www.amoebasisters.com/handouts).

  10. My science teacher ALWAYS uses u to do Cornell notes. It’s fun, simple, and all the kids laugh. Thanks your videos are educational and funny.keep up the great work

  11. We hope you have had a wonderful school year! Amoeba Sister videos and handouts make teaching more interactive and fun! We would really love a Biology (STAAR) review video. I had several students who binge watched your videos before the test and we had a 100% passing rate! 😀

  12. My teacher (Dr. T) showed us one of your videos today and she literally stopped the video to take a picture of a hippo because it was so cute! She has officially promised if we see any video to do with our topic then she’ll show it

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