11 Strange Things Indian Billionaires Bought Once

What would you do if you had tons of money,
get yourself a yacht with a mansion on it and literally sleep on a bed of cash? Hey, if you’re an Indian billionaire, that’s
just one of the many bizarre ways you can spend your fortune. As for the others? Well, counting down from… #11. A Gold Shirt
Datta Phuge, an entrepreneur from Pune, India, must’ve really had a taste for gold. I mean, back in 2013, the man hired 15 craftsmen
who worked almost non-stop for 16 days to make him a shirt that consisted entirely of
gold. The shiny shirt was made up of more than 14,000
pieces of 22-karat gold and, naturally, had some weight to it: around 7.3 pounds. Any guesses as to how much a garment like
this is worth? How about $240,000 at the time? Phuge later admitted that he’d loved gold
since childhood and always wore a lot of jewelry made of this precious metal. Yeah, but this gives whole new meaning to
the phrase “wearing” gold! #10. A Bulletproof Car
With a net worth of $54.2 billion, oil and gas tycoon Mukesh Ambani is India’s richest
man. (Oh, and you’ll see his name again today,
trust me!) But first of all, let’s talk about his car:
a super sleek Mercedes Benz. With its elongated shape, you might mistake
it for a limo. But it’s not the appearance and that luxury
logo on it that make this car interesting. First of all, Ambani’s car is heavily armored. Not only is it bulletproof, this vehicle can
even shield bomb explosions! As you may guess, that level of security didn’t
come without a hefty price tag: $1.6 million for this bad boy! By the way, for safety reasons, the car has
a top speed limit of 100 mph. But who needs to speed away from danger when
your car is pretty much indestructible, ya know? #9. A Ferrari Drive
Going for a drive in a Ferrari doesn’t seem too absurd…until you find out that this
was one super-rich Indian father’s idea of a birthday present for his 9-year-old son! The man let his kid drive his Ferrari F430
around their neighborhood as fast as he wanted. Naturally, the man got in some legal trouble
for his ill-advised birthday surprise. But interestingly enough, the boy’s mom was
proud of her little guy. She said that not everyone can say they were
behind the wheel of a Ferrari at such a young age. Well, I think most people can’t say they
were ever behind the wheel of a Ferrari…period! #8. A Diamond-Studded Handbag
You’ve already heard about Mukesh Ambani and his bulletproof, bombproof Mercedes. But I think his wife deserves a spot on today’s
list for her love of lavish things, like handbags covered in diamonds! She has a super exclusive bag that’s decorated
with 334 diamonds and 18-karat white gold. Chanel made just 13 of these bags, and Nita
Ambani is the owner of one of them. Oh yeah, and the bag costs about $261,000. Just let that sink in for a minute… #7. Priceless Water
You’ve likely heard that cricket is super popular in India, and cricket players are
some of the best-paid athletes. One of the most famous among them is Virat
Kohli, a man who’s known for his fitness routine. Believe it or not, the athlete drinks only
Evian water that’s imported from France. The price of just one 33-ounce bottle can
range from $9 to $30. And since Kohli is very particular about the
volume of water he drinks every day, I’ll let you crunch the numbers to figure out how
much money he spends just to stay hydrated… #6. A Bed of Cash
A rich man from Tripura had a very unusual childhood dream, and he finally fulfilled
it one day. Samar Acharjee withdrew $29,000-worth of rupees
(that’s the currency of India) and made a bed from the bundles of cash. I guess he can cross that off of his to-do
list… #5. A Private Boeing
And back to Mukesh Ambani and his peculiar talent for spending loads of money. This guy seriously deserves a video of his
own! But for now, let’s talk about his private
jet. Before purchasing this personal airplane,
India’s richest man bought his wife a $60-million Airbus for her birthday. Only after that, Ambani got himself a $73-million
Boeing. It’s one of the most expensive and luxurious
private jets in the world. And if you ever get a chance to step inside
one of these models, you might think you’ve just walked into a fancy hotel room. It has private suites, an executive lounge,
a boardroom, and seats that can fit 78 passengers. This plane sounds like a dream, but there’s
more to come from the Ambani family, just wait! #4. An Unforgettable Wedding
Back in 2013, the famous Spanish city of Barcelona came to a near standstill when Pramod Mittal,
the younger brother of Indian steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal, celebrated his daughter’s
wedding. The 26-year-old bride Srishti was marrying
investment banker Gulraj Behl. The wedding cost the happy father as much
as $73 million! You think a wedding with a price like that
would look like a real-life fairy tale? Well, yeah, it does actually. First of all, the couple got married in one
of the most famous museums in Spain: the National Museum of Catalan Art. More than 500 guests arrived from India and
Thailand. Besides, during the 3-day extravaganza, a
helicopter hovered over the city to take pictures of the event. Roads were also closed in the area. Dom Perignon champagne was flowing, the wedding
cake weighed 132 pounds, and Michelin-star chefs were responsible for preparing the meals. #3. A Chopper as a Wedding Gift
Another breathtaking Indian wedding took place in 2011 when Congress leader Kanwar Singh
Tanwar’s son married Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria’s daughter. Apparently, the whole event cost about $36
million, making it one of the most expensive weddings ever. More than 30,000 guests arrived, 12 giant
TV screens broadcast the wedding live, and it had taken 40 days and 1,000 workers to
get everything set up before the big day. Famous Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan
and Aishwarya Rai served as the entertainment. What about the wedding gifts, you ask? Well, I guess it’s enough to say that the
groom’s favorite gift was a new helicopter! #2. A Floating Palace
So, you now know about Mukesh Ambani’s car, personal jets, and his wife’s shiny bag. Well, what’s left? Ah, yes, his yacht! This floating palace is equipped with anything
you can imagine. Let’s see, there’s an elevator which leads
directly to the owner’s suites as well as a piano bar, a lounge, a reading room, and
a dining area. On top of all that, this 190-foot-long and
125-foot-wide beauty has a retracting solar glass roof. Rumor has it that the yacht’s price could
be in the $100-million ballpark or even more. #1. A Private Skyscraper
And finally, the number one spot on today’s list of big-spenders in India goes to…any
guesses? Yep, it’s Mukesh Ambani again. Only this time, you’ll get to know his private
skyscraper in Mumbai. No, it’s not for some company he owns – it’s
literally a 27-story private residence! It even has a name, Antilla, and the whole
Ambani family lives there. The estimated cost of this high-rise home
is about $1 billion. After Buckingham Palace, the 550-foot-tall
Antilla is the most expensive residential property on this planet. You might be wondering why a 27-story building
is being called a “skyscraper.” After all, it’s not that high when you compare
it to other skyscrapers. But the thing is that all the floors of the
building have super high ceilings. That’s why other constructions of the same
height have around 60 floors! By the way, every single floor of the building
is different from the others. Antilla houses a multistory garage where you
can park 168 cars, and with Ambani’s vast car collection, that comes as no surprise. In fact, 6 of the 27 floors accommodate just
the Ambani family’s vehicles! There are 9 high-speed elevators and 3 helipads
on the skyscraper. This mind-blowingly expensive residential
property also has a home-theater for 50 people, a beauty salon, a health spa, a ballroom,
several swimming pools, a yoga room, and a snow room. Yeah, you heard me right: it’s a room where
you can find artificial snow at any time of the day or night, whether there’s someone
in there at the moment or not. And finally, it’s said that more than 600
staff members live in Antilla at all times to maintain the huge building and its facilities. I just can’t help but wonder what kind of
bills show up each month just to keep the place running! So, which of these bizarre billionaire spending
habits surprised you the most? Let me know down in the comments! And don’t forget to give this video a big
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